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Shortage of IT specialists in Germany? Romania is a genuine alternative!

Reiner Hörger
Reiner Hörger
Project Director & Consultant

According to a poll conducted by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunication and New Media (BITKOM), the number of vacant jobs for IT experts in Germany has gone up by 13% in 2012. Even if the Labour Office did not confirm this trend for the entire IT sector in its January 2013 analysis, it holds true for the software development sector.

How can companies cover their own needs until the measures taken, like internal training programmes for instance, become effective?

In this general context of ever-increasing cost pressure, outsourcing development activities to Romania, also known as “nearshoring”, is a highly attractive solution.

For Germans, Romania still is a mostly unknown country. This is no longer the case in France, for instance, due to the similarities between the two languages. This is why it is important to first overcome the reluctance in Germany.

Since the 1989 political turn of events, both cultures have become very close. Most software developers are born after 1989, so they know about the previous period from hearsay. Even if their urban landscape still bears the traces of the past, people’s spiritual values have been very similar to ours for a long time: their manners, reliability, hierarchical relationships and value system are not different from ours. This is a clear advantage compared to the software development in Asia (referred to as offshoring), practised for a longer time and already on a decreasing trend for precisely these reasons.The subjects taught at Romanian universities are also similar to those taught in Germany.

In terms of language, Romanian software developers are fluent in English. Due to German settlements in the current region of Transylvania in the XIIth and XIIIth centuries, there are German language speakers in the area and many developers speak French, given the fact that French and Romanian belong to the same language family.Pentalog takes advantage of these extremely favourable conditions. Our staff amounts to 800 employees in 5 cities where we have branch offices in Romania and in the neighbouring country, the Republic of Moldova. Despite the great cultural similarity, Pentalog has introduced an additional level of project directors who speak German as their mother tongue and who will be the contact persons for German-speaking clients; they are based in and manage the projects from Germany. If necessary, the directors are also in charge of escalation management.

To sum up, when entrusting Pentalog with their projects, our clients benefit from software development according to German standards but in more advantageous conditions.

Pentalog is happy to make you a concrete offer for your nearshore project!

Reiner Hörger Project director at Pentalog E-mail: rhoerger@pentalog.com

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