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The 10th Anniversary of PFIEV


Friday October 30, 2009, I attended the 10th anniversary ceremony of PFIEV (Engineering Training Program of Excellence in Vietnam) in a large hotel in Hanoi with Tuan (branch office manager) and Kim-Anh (the local representative of People Centric).For those who are unfamiliar with PFIEV, it is an engineering program with a 5 year cycle which has a very high level of recruitment. The program had been funded for the first 5 years by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, the Vietnamese government has taken over the funding of this program. The goal is clear: we must train our leaders of tomorrow! Graduates are recognized worldwide, as the program is recognized by the CTI (a French independent body involved in he evaluation and accreditation of higher education institutions in the fields of engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, project management, etc. The CTI is a member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education). A few figures concerning PFIEV:• 14 main areas of study: Aeronautics, Electronics, Energy, Industrial Computer Technology, Telecommunications, Advanced Materials, Mechatronics, Automated production, Transport Infrastructure, Urban Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering.• 4 large French schools also contribute to the program• 3 locations: Hanoi, Danang and HCM• 3000 students• 1200 Graduates• Classes in French and EnglishA few of the speakers at this ceremony were: The Program Director, Vice-Minister of Education, Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy, teachers, student representatives, Business representatives… all offered congratulations on the successful results (100 % student recruitment, and the establishment of scholarships), but also to assert that the program should continue but also continue to improve. Although direct funding is actually finished, the support for the program continues with the cooperation of 4 French schools involved in the project and a student exchange program.The country wants to continue opening up to the international community. To meet this commitment, it is essential that foreign firms coming into Vietnam find the qualified manpower and qualified managers. This is exactly our position.I would like to thank the organizers for having allowed me to speak for a few minutes during the ceremony to give Pentalog’s view on this program. We learnt about this program during the first visit of Frederic to Vietnam in 2008. It wasn’t PFIEV that made us choose Vietnam over North Africa or India, but it was a solid contributor. Indeed, we must be able to provide our clients with a high level of services in a variety of areas, including R & D.Students of PFIEV, we will contact you via the email addresses taken from the student directory. I hope we can work together. You can also contact us via the website https://www.pentalog.com/jobs/ or via the information contained in the insert of the student directory (page 10).

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