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The Deadline is close for the WAN2009 project


Earlier this year we launched the internal WAN2009 project. It will allow our infrastructure team to provide our agencies in France, Romania and the Republic of Moldova a better quality of service in accessing our internal resources and the Internet.Our network has its history. It has evolved as our needs have evolved, from our risk management, to the ability to offer new services to our clients. For this new project, we needed to significantly increase the bandwidth and the quality of our services while continuing to provide the access redundancy to our internal resources and the Internet. Indeed, several projects planned for 2009-2010 required better quality services and additional bandwidth. The main projects are:- Internalization of our IP telephony. Our external solution required a dedicated link without a possible redundancy.- Deployment of a video conferencing solution internally and externally.- Virtualization of the work places, including also those of the developers.This translates into the following:- The deployment of 2 links of 50Mbps fiber optics per branch in Romania (Brasov, Iasi, Sibiu, Bucharest)- The deployment of 2 links 20Mbps fiber optics for the Chisinau branch (Republic of Moldova)- The establishment of a new data center in Bucharest- The establishment of a 100Mbps link between the data centers in Paris and Bucharest.- The deployment of a10Mbps fiber optic line for the Orleans branch office.All fiber optics already deployed are of level 2.We also took advantage of this operation for amelioration and reliability to rationalize our equipments. All our branch offices are now equipped with Watchguard boxes. Replacing the Linux gateway has allowed us to:- Better monitoring of the traffic- Implementing the first level of quality management services (prioritization of voice traffic, critical traffic etc. …)- To allow finer filtering of traffic (filtering of prohibited sites …)- Limit the level of expertise for intervention on the infrastructure.One of our partners asked me a few weeks ago why we had made such an important investment in our infrastructure. As a provider of offshore services, we needed to have a robust infrastructure that is systematically adaptable to the requirements of our clients, as it is one of the first Pentalog services that they will see at the start-up of a project. An industrial, manufacturing his products offshore must have reliable shipping, we as an offshore Provider, must have a reliable telecom system.In a few months, I will report on the gains made because of this investment. Systematically we will continue to review the infrastructure.Furthermore, we are not without other improvement projects. At the infrastructure level, the Deming wheel also continues to turn, in order to improve the quality of our services. In 2010 we expect:- The Bucharest Datacenter will become a back-up center for the critical services of the Parisian Datacenter.- The strategy of a “regional Datacenter” will also be applied in Vietnam. The study and economic feasibility is already underway.- An additional level in the quality of our services is also required (compression, prioritization).Market solutions are also evolving. We will follow this closely!

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