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The Pentalog business team is always there for you!

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Before going on or returning from a vacation, and before the fall settles in, why not take some time to reflect on the best innovation, cost reduction and productivity gains solutions for your company?

Our business consultants will be available for you all summer longContact them at 09 70 75 47 61!

Our business consultants will be available for you all summer long
Contact them at +33 970 754 761!

Pentalog’s business consultants are bravely sacrificing themselves for their clients and prospects . To remain 100% available during this period that may favor interesting and productive exchanges, they will take no summer vacations! This means that they will work at full speed, the same as in the rest of the year.

Below are some of the topics they are proposing to you:

Software development and Agile methodologies: solving field-related evolutive problems, implementing functional requirements, visibility on project follow-up, maintaining productivity or long and complex projects.

Cloud infrastructure: architecture consulting, private cloud management, outsourcing services.

BigData and Open Source solutions: multiplying sophisticated analytical reporting tools, processing and exploiting social media data in real-time.

Process or activity digitization: how to benefit from the mass dissemination of digital technologies to improve your company’s efficiency and create new growth opportunities.

R&D consulting and innovation financing: identifying and enhancing potential innovation sources.

Our Pentalog consultants may also welcome you in the wonderful park of “Château des Hauts”, our new headquarters, or visit you at your premises. Contact them!

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