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The saga of a value catalyst


I am starting here a series of articles in which I take on the role of the Pentalog Information System Director. Every 7 to 10 days I will post an article on the activity of this strategic department for Pentalog operations. With a two-department organization (software and infrastructure), the range of subjects to be covered is vast and issues are numerous. We must also take into account the fact that a part of our Information System Department is outsourced, as more than 50% of employees are based in Vietnam.The subjects that I will tackle will range from processes (the first subject that I will talk about in the following days), the choice of technical solutions, the budgeting of solutions produced offshore to the measurement of individual performance of a help-desk technician or a developer.If some are wondering about the reasons behind these articles, I will answer that such a strategic department must above all communicate in order to render its activities clear and comprehensible. This is all the more true as the Pentalog DNA includes “transparency” (OpenData). These messages are therefore addressed both to Pentalog collaborators in order to offer them another picture of what they have in their information system and to our clients so that they, too, may have access to this part of our organization that supports their projects. There is a lot we can share with our clients, as certain topics may be common.As this is a blog, your feedback is welcome and I will make sure that I answer your comments.

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