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Vietnam joins Romania and Moldova as one of Pentalog’s offshore locations

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

After several months of benchmarking, Pentalog’s Board of Directors has decided that Vietnam would be the company’s third offshore location. Pentalog, belonging to the top 30 of European nearshorers, was attracted by the association of a growing demography and a fast-improving higher education system. The authorities’ strong commitment to develop a leading edge technology stands out against the current decline in Ukraine and Russian province cities. And Morocco still does not seem to keep its promises regarding the practice of foreign languages (Pentalog acted in 7 countries in 2008) and the number of educated engineers.The launch of the Vietnamese project was entrusted to Monica Jiman, the Eastern Europe Vice President, manager of the Bucharest office and in charge of operations and business development there since 4 years. Monica will transfer the Pentalog way of working to Tuan Nguyen Quoc, who has been chosen to manage the Hanoi agency. Tuan Nguyen Quoc has a Master’s Degree from Paris Dauphine. He is an English-speaker. Monica Jiman, who graduated from the University of Orleans, will spend 6 months in Hanoi. Pentalog will also rely on its Romanian and French project managers and developers to ensure the project’s consistency with quality standards of the group.Pentalog Vietnam is integrated into Pentalog’s Right Cost policy, which was launched 9 years ago, and brings the company its first « extreme low cost » capacity. Vietnam is probably the most competitive country in the world in terms of quality-price ratio. We will probably hire 50 Vietnamese active team members before the end of 2009. With 25 employees in France, 260 in Romania-Moldova and 50 in Vietnam, Pentalog should be able to offer the best cost-ratio available in Western Europe (92% of the team members are based offshore-nearshore). Many additional cooperations relying on the Romanian hub should be launched in the following months.Frédéric Lasnier, Pentalog CEO quickly describing the objectives of this project: “to offer the Pentalog service quality, meet our clients’ growing needs, set up our training programme, with a price of EUR 100/day for a dedicated team, in other words a 40% discount to our average rates”.

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