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Pentalog in Warsaw! Poland, the best coding nation in the world, becomes the 8th country for Pentalog!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Pentalog has been seriously tempted by Poland for years. But on several occasions, this got sidelined by other strategic considerations. Since we were already present in Romania and Moldova, the group has for a long time preferred to expand into the other two main time zones (USA and Asia) before returning to Europe. But when we did, then it was naturally Poland that won out!

Pentalog in Warsaw!

We’ll be starting out with a senior team from the Polish Tech, Design and Marketing scene. For years, Krzysztof Urbanowicz successfully ran the Mediapolis agency, where he presided over the digital destiny of a number of companies, not only in Central and Eastern Europe, but also in the West.

Poland: the country with the best developers in the world

Pentalog Warsaw will support the group in the search for the best coders in the world, at the heart of a Polish scene which is home to 2 million students, 120,000 people employed in R&D, 46,000 doctorates in R&D… Poland is multiplying its assets. Most importantly (and we know this through SkillValue’s technology skills assessment robots), Poland is the Number 1 country in the world for code quality – year after year. We get some perspective on this when we learn that Google, Amazon, Intel, Nvidia, Samsung, IBM, Aptiv, Ericsson, McKinsey already host R&D centers in Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow…

Never forget that the goal of the Pentalog platform is to help set up the best projects in the world with the best teams in the world. And since we have long understood that the main fuel of the digital economy is intelligence, getting the best also requires the best price-for-performance equation.

We will not give up on this promise; it has allowed us to do work for the best companies and for the most creative entrepreneurs in the world. It has made Pentalog the only European company capable every year of supporting hundreds of digital products through 100% of their lifecycle, in any time zone.

Would you like to collaborate with the best developers in Poland? Let me encourage you to contact my team to discuss your project.


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