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What is so special about CeBIT?


Hanover, 2-6 march 2010. Under the motto “Push your business”, CeBIT 2010 opened this edition with new forces despite the economical crisis that constantly threaten the well course of the exhibition. This year many participants confirm that CeBIT keeps its leader position in the classification of ITC fairs. The show covers all the latest IT and telecommunications products, services and solutions and highlight themes – Business IT, ICT Infrastructure and Future ICT. “Connected Worlds” is the keynote topic for CeBIT 2010.… is it about innovation?CeBIT is more than a crowded place full of executives and key people from big companies. CeBIT is a platform for IT companies from all over the world to exhibit their strategies, to innovate and discuss current and future trends in the industry. You have the opportunity to generate new business and consolidate your position in the ITC market. The lead “the more things you see, the more ideas you have” applies here more than ever. And you really see a lot of interesting things at CeBIT… .You see from USB keys in every imaginable shape to foldable pianos or dollhouses (don’t ask). It is what they called the Digital Fascination. Cloud computing and Green IT were read on everybody’s lips. “Is the cloud the second industrial revolution? Does it also mean the simplification of IT? “– were some of the main questions at the CeBIT conferences. But it is not just about technology… Maybe you can get an interesting marketing idea when you see the events – the actually salt and pepper of the whole show. The lights, the colours, the know-how … There are plenty of reasons why the prestigious exhibition attracts more than 700,000 visitors, every year.… is it about opportunities?This year, under the brand Romania IT, 14 Romanian companies participated to CeBIT. We noticed a growing interest from the Romanian companies for the German market (the most attractive destination for new business after the U.S), especially in outsourcing activities. The interest was reciprocal, because also many German companies asked for nearshore outsourcing in Romania and came to Romania’s stand with lots of questions. Here Pentalog had a big advantage because it was the only Romanian company that knew German. We were not only the largest company from Romania, but also to one with the most powerful business in Germany. We had some interesting discussions with German software houses but also with big companies like T-Systems and Kärcher. We were pleased to receive regards from our clients (DMailer, etc).… is it about the glamour?Every morning, before the exhibition starts, there are concerts organized for the participants. Giant exhibitors like T – System (only their stand cost about 33 mil euros) that prepared special events and contests for the visitors. Intel had a whole hall just for their products. Social networking activities were made between the participant countries (and we should not forget that almost all the countries of the world are represented at CeBIT) – for example between Romania and India, etc… Pentalog made new friends during the exhibition and was pleased to be surrounded by very powerful neighbors: in front by T-Systems, in the right and left by our competitors from India and Egypt.So it’s not just the business that makes CeBIT so special. It’s an interesting mixture of innovation, opportunities and glance that makes CeBIT through definition one of the most glamorous events in the ITC industry. It is a place – as they well say- where you can push your business! See you next year at CeBIT!

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