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Where do we work the most? Parallel of working days in France, Romania, Moldova and Vietnam

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Now that we have opened an office in a new country, I’m wondering about the number of working days there.In Romania, there are 7 public holidays in 2009. We get the same number for Vietnam, by subtracting Saturdays and Sundays. In Moldova there are 11 public holidays, out if which a Saturday and a Sunday, but in these cases the days are made up for. In France, there are 8 public holidays in 2009.There is an average of 20 vacation days per year in Romania and Moldova. This totals 234 worked days for Romania and 230 for Moldova, in 2009. The French 35-hours annual system leads to 217 working days, whatever the number of public holidays.Many of you know these European figures, but what about Vietnam?Officially, there are 12 annual vacation days in Vietnam. It is customary for foreign companies to grant some extra days; therefore, for Pentalog Vietnam we have 15 vacations days.This totals 239 working days for Vietnam, in 2009.Comparing the number of employees in all Pentalog offices, Romania represents 55% of invoiced days, Moldova 28%, Vietnam 10% and France 7%.For the sales figure, Romania represents 58%, Moldova 20%, France 16% and Vietnam 6%.There’s an annual difference of a little less than EUR 10 000 between a working man-year in Romania/Moldova and Vietnam.The low figure in Vietnam is calculated using a low-hypothesis. Still, with the large production capacities and attractive prices, we have all we need to do better.Summary of public holidays in the Pentalog worldRomaniaThursday, January 1, 2009Friday, January 2, 2009Monday, April 20, 2009Friday, May 1, 2009Monday, June 8, 2009Saturday, August 15, 2009Tuesday, December 1, 2009Friday, December 25, 2009Saturday, December 26, 2009MoldovaThursday, January 1, 2009Wednesday, January 7, 2009Thursday, January 8, 2009Sunday, March 8, 2009Monday, April 20, 2009Monday, April 27, 2009Friday, May 1, 2009Saturday, May 9, 2009Thursday, August 27, 2009Monday, August 31, 2009Wednesday, October 14, 2009FranceThursday, January 1, 2009Monday, April 13, 2009Friday, May 1, 2009Friday, May 8, 2009Thursday, May 21, 2009Monday, June 1, 2009Tuesday, July 14, 2009Saturday, August 15, 2009Sunday, November 1, 2009Wednesday, November 11, 2009Friday, December 25, 2009VietnamThursday, January 1, 2009Monday, January 26, 2009Tuesday, January 27, 2009Wednesday, January 28, 2009Saturday, April 4, 2009Thursday, April 30, 2009Friday, May 1, 2009Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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