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You could read on this blog many news Fred wrote lately about Pentalog’s current development plans. There’s a lot of things currently happening on the international level. Plans with Asia, Ukraine, Germany…
Pentalog’s business model made the company one of the most innovative, solid and fast-growing-ones of its sector in Europe. Always one length ahead of its competitors, the group managed to make its offer evolve quickly in order to meet market evolution and seize new business opportunities, as well as to assert its position in the cities and countries where its offices have been set up. I think we can say without blushing that we have achieved a “global”position in terms of service range, and we are now on the way to become a global provider from a geographical point of view also.
To sustain our expansion and growth objectives we expect to achieve in the short- and mid-term, we need to set up strong partnerships with IT companies accross countries where Pentalog has already started developing business relationships (Germany, Austria, Belgium) but also in new areas where we feel the Pentalog model may be successful. We think of countries like Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, the USA, hosting top-edge mid- and big sized companies in the IT service sector. Those companies could find in Pentalog the ideal leverage to develop their offer and market shares in offshore IT outsourcing. The current financial and economical context is likely to lead more companies to turn to offshore to remain competitive. This should generate all the more new opportunities for outsourcing vendors.
In 2007 we already set up an R&D department through our joint-venture alliance with a French company that enabled us to improve our expertise in embedded systems, and now representing an important service range in the group’s activities (18% of the group’s turnover). In 2008 we created a commercial branch in Germany and gained 10 new clients since then, within 6 months. We are now about to create a new development centre in another country. We really have gained substancial experience in company creation projects in foreign countries, managing cross-cultural relationships with our partners and learning a lot out of it. We are definitely ready to apply our model on a much larger geographical scale now, involving new languages, new technical skills, new time zones, new climates…
I feel the coming months are really going to be an exciting period for all Pentalog team members involved in the implementation of the company’s international growth strategy. I am delighted at the thought of the Europe map on our corporate flyer turning into a world map with plenty of new dots standing for all Pentalog locations!
So if you think you are one of these potential partners we are looking for, please contact us 🙂

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