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You are Tuan of Pentalog?

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

After the visit of the French Prime Minister in which Fred was a part of the official delegation, we had yet another busy week participating in the Vietnam Comm 2009 exhibition; meeting of businesses and graduates organized by the French Embassy, the inauguration of the IMAGINE-IT Center at the Polytechnic school of Hanoi and recruitment simulation interviews held at the PFIEV. Pentalog participates with enthusiasm at every opportunity in these French speaking programs which are increasing in Vietnam.Thursday night we hosted a dinner to celebrate, “unofficially” the first year of Pentalog in Vietnam (I think it will be about December 31 that we will really celebrate, when moving into our new offices). Pentalog Vietnam today has: 40 employees, 4 active project platforms, the delivered quality level is now approaching the level of our Romanian / Moldovan colleagues, especially from a development perspective this is very promising for 2010 and not only for offshore (Fred will explain this in more detail).What is extraordinary is to see how Pentalog is being recognized in Vietnam, and after only such a short period of time. Using tools such as the website, blog, social networks, and mailing list, in which we are extremely active and transparent in our communication vis-a-vis our customers, our partners, our employees, our future partners and our friends. People “external” to our company are informed almost at the same time as we are about the company’s activities. We maintain very few “secrets” for ourselves, everyone through our communications can already know 60% -70% of what is happening. I think, personally, it is difficult to find any other company that shares the same level of published information. I had confidence in our business model even before I met with Fred, and applied for a position in this Pentalog adventure which I learned about through this blog.At the Vietnam Comm exhibition, without being put in touch with anyone, a man came up to me asking “You are Tuấn of Pentalog? I know who you are because I read your blog. There is no need to say more about how much pleasure this gave all of us at this time. This man is finally a Viet Kieu from France who has worked in Romania and trained some of our employees before they joined Pentalog to participate in our most important embedded development platform in the Telecom field. He is in Vietnam working on projects which can eventually lead us to work together one day.Yes I am Tuấn of Pentalog.

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