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Pentalog Launches Digital Security Services

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

This idea has been up in the air for some time now – ever our Chief Security Officer, joined us last year.

We realized that for an intellectual services company like ours, operations here should revolve around what threatens thousands of our customers, on a potentially daily basis.

Security flaws are often created during the initial code production process. This is why we are introducing a new range of services to address all your security concerns. Even better?

These solutions are available at all our locations throughout the world – anytime, anywhere.

digital security

Producing robust, fool-proof code is and should be at the forefront of any successful digital security strategy. Explore the IT Security services powered by Pentalog!

Our Security “North Star” for the 2018-2019 Fall-Winter Season: CODE

All too often, companies don’t realize they are creating security vulnerabilities during the development process, or at the very least they treat security like a secondary concern and push it to the back of their minds.

That kind of strategy is totally outdated and results in a lot of lost time, making it incompatible with the concept of agility.


An agile company constantly uses code. That code has to be as clean and as robust as possible from the get-go.


This is where our very first security building block comes in. It has 4 parts:


A workshop designed with the goal of making security an integral part of agile product design and development.

Pentalog consultants will meet with our customers’ digital product teams to show them how to introduce an agile security layer into their digital work, just like we ask them to do with QA, SEO, analytics UX/UI, and so on.

We will explain how to implement technical and code auditing solutions for better security, including SAST and security that is integrated into the agile dashboard. We will also help them set up a security dashboard.


Integration of tools to manage and improve code security.


We rely on outsourced teams who understand the technical challenges and solutions that make code more secure. Dozens of employees in outsourced Pentalog development centers have now been trained on these solutions and 100% of our programmers receive security coaching on an ongoing basis.


Our CSO will continuously challenge and coach your technical teams on the use of tracking data, while also monitoring your company’s progress.

Global Agile by DNA

In line with everything Pentalog does – it’s Agile or nothing.

Systems security will join all our other agile services – development, marketing and HR – with the goal of establishing a core set of actionable and agile practices covering all bases for our customers.


Are you looking to create your own agile strategy for impenetrable digital security?

We will work with you every step of the way to develop your product.



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