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Pentalog Institute QA CAMP – a Common Successful Result!

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

“Waw : )”, “I’ve learnt more during one day in comparison with one year“

These are just some of the impressions of the participants of the cross-agency Quality Assurance (QA) CAMP held on 3-4 October in Chisinau :)!

Indeed, the QA CAMP 2014, the 5th Edition (CHI) is a strong one, following the QA camp events organized starting from 2011. This time, 15 participants from Brasov, Iasi and Chisinau joined the QA professional meeting.

The endorsed objectives of this event are:

  • Upgrade the competence – as a professional – I would like to know and share the best practices and knowledge;
  • Create Networking – we are a QA Team;
  • Upgrade the public communication skills.

From Executors to Consultant: striving for excellence in our skills and knowledge!Friday evening: we started our CAMP activities with a meeting: we had the debriefing and prioritization of the subjects to be presented. We continued the joint evening in a Restaurant: great time, delicious food! It was a pleasure to listen to our speeches coming sincerely from our hearts! It was a tour of Toastmasters 😉 !

The main focus of this CAMP was: AGILE Best practice for Quality Assurance of desired Product (Factors of Success).

What is the key difference between Success for Agile Project and Not Agile Project?

How to assure the Quality of Product and real SCRUM Team Product Ownership before, during and upon final product delivery?

What are the tools, methods, practices which can help and be advised for an Agile project to ensure the Success?

Any activity can be done with an Agile approach – it is just important to know how to do it, how to be Agile and how to think Agile.

QA CAMP realization was a practical example of an Agile SCRUM project, with the approach of how it was organized and conducted during the event.

We had our SCRUM Team, Stakeholders, Scrum Master, Product Owner. We made our decisions together, we had our common backlog, we had a common Visibility, we did Inspection, Adaptation and together we delivered our common Product: QA Camp.

I’d like to thank all of our team-members:

>all participants who came up with the experience, knowledge and were very active during the discussion.

>speakers who contributed with the presentations input of subjects, which were highly ranked.

The ROTI of this event is very high. Based on final satisfaction feedbacks of our team: QA CAMP was a successful one!

What is important, we achieved our main objective to become QA Community and keep networking.

We’ve just delivered our QA CAMP in Chisinau and we’ve agreed on our New Backlog of a desired Next CAMP for Pentalog QA Community. All participants expressed the interest and willingness to join this year once again.

Many thanks to all involved in organizing this Camp: SAF md, Voyage service.

We are looking forward to the upcoming QA CAMP on 15 November, which will bring together over 25 colleagues 🙂 from BRA, BUC, CLUJ, IASI, CHI, in order to profit from the sharing of more experience, competence, best practices and keep striving for perfection by learning, doing and applying  !


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