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The hottest mobile trends unveiled at the iOSNeXT 2014 conference

Cornel Fatulescu
Cornel Fatulescu
CTO for France and Germany at Globant

Here’s an article originally written by Maxim Guzun, mobile consultant at Pentalog Institute.

The first day was dedicated to the most important topic, namely user experience (UX). Eric Reiss, a celebrity of the IT world, was one of the speakers. Thanks to him, I found out what the UX concept means in general, and not only in terms of mobile applications. Highly experienced in this field, Eric impressed us with the adopted methods and applied techniques targeted at developing and improving UX. This approach made me look differently at software development projects from the user’s/consumer’s point of view. Including for current projects, it would be best to establish a brainstorming session with my colleagues to figure out how to improve the user’s experience so that we can offer maximum value. ios-next2-300x225

The second day focused on startup experience sharing and presentation of successful projects. I was amazed by the Scout mapping team’s work, which succeeded in founding a prosperous company based on Open Street Maps. This is probably the best example of how to make money based on a public service while also offering additional services that bring a real value. Besides the final result, what I would have liked to hear during these presentations are the problems met during development, as well as the identified and applied solutions. For a startup it is important to avoid the same difficulties encountered by similar teams. This is why I would have really appreciated more transparency from the part of the speakers.

The official part of the event is always completed by an informal part consisting in the discussions held during coffee breaks and lunch. They are an excellent occasion to ask questions one does not dare ask during the speeches.

ios-next-event1-300x225In my opinion, the informal part is the most interesting one since it gives us the chance to find out what happens in the mobile community, how to quickly find a solution and where we are heading for.

The cherry on top was a Swift presentation brilliantly animated by Paul Ardeleanu, who succeeded in presenting us all the latest and most important facts on this language in one single day. Even more surprisingly, Swift is already the 18th top programming language only six months after its launching in June 2014.

Given the efforts of Apple to attract new developers and of the Swift promoters, one can say that the future iOS developer will have to be more agile since things change rapidly and maybe the 2014 knowledge background will not suffice for the next year. I invite you all to start watching a Swift tutorial today.

Finally, iOSNeXT offered me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things following the technical discussions and presentations. What would I like to see at future events? More interactive and idea sharing activities on the projects developed by international startups.

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