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Webinar: Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development


Mobile App development is becoming more and more important as the smartphone ownership rate rises every year. Apps can be used for marketing, to add functionality to a product, or even be a product itself. If you are in the IT field, it is likely that you will work on a mobile development project soon if you have not already done so. Mobile development projects can be difficult but if you know what common mistakes to avoid you can save a lot of time and frustration. Pentalog’s next installment in its IT webinar series will focus on how to optimize mobile development and help you avoid common pitfalls.Optimize your Mobile App ProjectsIn this webinar our in house mobile expert Jean-Paul Lacombe will identify ten common mistakes in mobile app development and give you tips on how to avoid them. Jean-Paul is an experienced mobile project director who has coordinated international teams of up to 70 people. In his professional experience he has learned from mistakes in past projects and used this experience to optimize mobile project management.In this webinar you will learn:

  • The key questions to ask before starting a project
  • How to deal with budget constraints
  • How to deliver the best user experience
  • How to optimize testing

It will also include a Q&A period so come prepared with all of your mobile and project management related questions.This live webinar will take place on May 11 at 12pm ET, 6pm CET. Sign up today to participate in this knowledge sharing event! If you can’t attend while it’s live you can always watch the replay whenever you want.You can watch our previous webinar on Marketing Automation

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