Are you prepared for IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing can be a time saving, cost reducing, and innovation boosting solution for both startups and grownups. However, IT outsourcing is not a magic word that will conjure up success all by itself. It takes planning and preparation to ensure that IT outsourcing is an asset to your project and not a liability. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are ready. IT outsourcing is an asset, but only if you prepare for it. ...
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5 Signs that a Product Owner will have Difficulties with their Agile Project


Agile projects have become the norm in software development outsourcing. Aligning with the agile best practices and masterly implementing them on your agile projects is no longer an option if you care about your reputation. We are fully aware of what it takes for an agile development project to be successful. But what if we also knew what could go wrong and avoided doing it in order to spare the entire team of disappointment, frustration and mediocre results? Working on agile ...
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Penta911: a new type of team building by Pentalog


The team building / training held at the end of May in partnership with SOS Attitude, French non-profit organization that offers emergency humanitarian aid, is just one in a series of out of the pattern events that Pentalog plans to organize in the near future. On this particular occasion, the SOS Attitude heroes joined our 65 Pentaguys at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains for an intense training on natural disaster management. Pentalog and SOS Attitude teamed up for a weekend ...
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Startup Weekend Events – how to scout local talent

Startup Weekend Event

Most of today’s successful businesses started with an idea or a dream. Due to the fact that some entrepreneurs lack relevant feedback on their ideas, experience or resources, they get stuck or fail. A way to validate one’s idea and to benefit from other people’s expertize regarding startups is to publicly expose it to local events where one could find investors, businessmen or company representatives. They scout local talents and share their expertise – free of charge – to support ...
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The Scrum Master Paradox

Gabriel Barbur

Scrum Master

scrum master - leader

“Don’t hate what you don’t understand.” – John Lennon Yet even if you try to understand, the role and existence of the Scrum Master are subject to intrigue. Starting with the name and going through to the most elaborated definition, the shape and substance of this new character is an opportunity for debate. Etymologically speaking, Scrum refers to a rugby play formation where the team gels together to achieve a common goal by taking the game rules to a state of the ...
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