Three Ways to Improve Click-through Rates Without Losing Customer Trust

Nick Haby

Digital Marketing Manager - Revsquare


Click-through rates (CTR) are a ubiquitous challenge for email marketers. Marketing automation can help track clicks, but increasing that percentage above industry standards can be tough. Throughout my experience as an email marketer, we all need to understand the customer’s mindset. Because businesses want the attention of their prospects and customers, bombarding customers with messages can make them feel overwhelmed. Click here! Click here! DID I SAY CLICK HERE!? Source: Shutterstock What can we do to get customers to click through our ...
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Mobile app development outsourcing: reduce time-to-market!


2017 is about mobile or nothing! Today’s apps are no longer built for smartphones alone. They also come in handy for wearables, connected homes, smart cars, IoT-enabled devices and much more. IoT, Augmented Reality (AR), Location based services (LBS): Opportunities are limitless, for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. All from a tap on your mobile. 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020! Thus mobile app development should become a key concern for most businesses, ...
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Webinar: Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Development

Mobile App development is becoming more and more important as the smartphone ownership rate rises every year. Apps can be used for marketing, to add functionality to a product, or even be a product itself. If you are in the IT field, it is likely that you will work on a mobile development project soon if you have not already done so. Mobile development projects can be difficult but if you know what common mistakes to avoid you can save ...
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Agile Methodologies: The Perfect Match for Startups

Startups are fast moving and always evolving entities. Their final goals often change and are sometimes vaguely defined and people in startups play multiple roles at the same time to address whatever challenge is being faced at the moment. Without a way to keep organized in such a volatile environment, startups would descend into chaos. Agile methods are perfect for startups and as they can keep up with and facilitate their rapid pace of development. It is a methodology that focuses ...
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Lookalike targeting: how to improve customer acquisition

lookalike targeting - Agilizza event

Living in a digital world means that most of us are connected no matter the distance. The internet has made possible for people to search and learn a great deal of things. As a consumer, it has become much easier to purchase a specific product, to compare prices and features, to review it, to be part of groups that share the same interests etc. In order for advertisers to reach their audience, sophisticated targeting strategies can be used. Next Boston Agilizza ...
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