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Sept 30th: a Blockchain Startup Weekend to re-energize your teams


Fall is the time when everybody re-gets their bearings. If you’re looking to re-energize your teams or maybe rework your company transformation plans, send your team members to the Startup Weekend des Hauts dedicated to the blockchain.54 hours of involvement and joyA Startup Weekend is a 54-hour long serious game where participants are invited to surpass themselves and transform an idea into a minimum viable product (MVP). They have to work on the product (have a demo) and on its marketing and come up with a business plan. It’s what startupers do on a daily basis but condensed into a weekend.In my previous experience as a mentor, I saw people coming out of their comfort zone and trying to surpass themselves in this entrepreneurship game. And it’s always an awesome human adventure.Startup weekend des HautsPENTALOG hosts at Château des Hauts, its headquarters, a unique event: A Startup Weekend on the BlockChain technology, the first in the world!! For those who are not yet familiar with this technology, it’s about a disruptive solution, high traceability, data inviolability and confidentiality. Thus, something that many companies might need. But remember: the main focus lies on the transformation of an idea and not on expertise on this new technology.Why come?Here are just a few arguments to organize this weekendPromote ideasYour daily activities don’t leave you time to promote ideas. Someday or another, you’ll have to take this step and act. Taking a weekend to let your team more focus is certainly a very good spark.Enjoy a team building activityCanoe, Laser Game, Escalade, Karting, Stage commando or bridge? If you’re looking for an activity that glues your team together and brings added value to your company, organize a startup weekend!! It’s not necessary that they are all in the same team, there will certainly be enough value and memories to share. More important, there will be a mix of expertise (finance, marketing, production, client services, etc.).Identify your intrapreneursBrave men are only recognized at war. If you’re searching for intrapreneurs that set your ambitious projects on motion and your current activity doesn’t allow you to evaluate them, send them to a Startup Weekend. This way, you’ll have a better chance of seeing them in action in a business like context. The guiding principle is to relax and give the best in an environment where risks are very low.Search for talentsDon’t settle. Participants to this kind of event are people interested in measuring their strength on different topics (marketing, business, techno, etc.). If you’re looking for talents, it’s better to develop a relationship with these potential candidates instead of exchanging CVs.Make your teams competeWhy not? Organize two teams and may the best be the winner.You dream a lotYou fantasize about having a dynamic, agile team that is after quick wins and self-motivates itself on ambitious projects. You want an environment where the culture of collaborator/client/provider satisfaction is high, where experiments are encouraged and where the comfort zone is surpassed rather than denigrated, etc.Continue to dream, the Startup Weekend allows you to do so.I will soon come up with a list of questions / answers to continue to convince you what a great opportunity participating in our startup weekend des Hauts really is.To learn more about the Startup Weekend des Hauts, click HERE.Sign up for tickets HERE.For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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