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Agilizza: the easiest way of being Agile…at least in Boston!

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer
Being Agile has never been easier. Pentalog’s Office in US organizes meetings in Boston, MA. They are called Agilizza.
Being Agile
Does Agile sound familiar to you? How meaningful are Agile approaches to you in your everyday business life? How do you increase your agility, how do you share your agility skillset?
Imagined by Chris Hote
Based in Boston ,MA, Pentalog US VP Chris Hote imagined recurring events, as friendly as personal meetings. These recurring events are known as Agilizza. Agilizza is the contraction of Agile and Pizza. They are a series of events focusing on sharing pragmatic hints with startups and SMB managers so they can act with more agility in an open-minded manner.
An enjoyable learning and motivating experience
Thus Agilizza is a way of sharing good information while eating pizzas, finger foods in a relaxed atmosphere. Pizzas and networking connections are complementary items to make the Agilizza series an enjoyable learning and motivating experience.
Agile-inspired speakers
Inspired by Agile principles and Lean startup concepts, the Agilizza speakers bring their own experience to the audience and provide real life examples of challenges they tackled and opportunities they could cease during the course of their entrepreneurship or life management.
Rocking Boston
The Agilizza events regularly take place on the 5th floor of the CIC at one broadway, Cambridge, MA. Admission is free.
Next Agilizza will take place on Feb. 16th. Are you ready ? 

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