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Business Decisions: Hindsight is 20/20, the Real Kodak Moment

Cyrille de Lasteyrie
Cyrille de Lasteyrie
VP of Company Culture, Pentalog

The word “decide” comes from the Latin verb “decidere” meaning “to cut.”  Slice out…

You get the point, so to speak.

Buried by information, leaders choose one path over another – and that’s where trouble begins. Why? Great decisions are revealed in hindsight, that is, to add more Latin, “a posteriori.”

Take the choices of mobile giant Nokia when faced with the meteoric rise of competitors such as Apple (among others) or Kodak, which missed a $15 billion opportunity (despite inventing the digital camera).

How many brilliant minds made all those dubious decisions, single-handedly and by committee? Decisions that weren’t challenged in the least bit!

Even today, your company might be, shall we say, heading to its own “Kodak Moment.”

The Decision

That’s why we’ve created The Decision.

During The Decision, we’ll X-ray daily decisions of business leaders, from the pragmatic to the operational.

We’ll cover major steps such as opening a new market, switching to Agile, recruiting a sales manager, setting up a profit-sharing plan, redesigning a technical platform, outsourcing certain activities/resources – and more.

The Decision will premiere on September 18, with Bruno Larvol – CEO of Larvol, a California-based firm specializing in health and pharmaceutical data.

Bruno is revamping the entire visual brand of the company – and will be taking us along on the decision-making journey. Why rebrand now, amid worldwide chaos?

Branding is kryptonite. Aside from being the visual calling card, a brand says everything about the state of internal forces, the ambition of the company as well as the will of its leader.

Something tells me we can look forward to Bruno breaking the mould.

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Every Friday, Pentalog airs a new episode of The Decision. If you want to review highlights, you can find the complete series here.

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