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CTO Fundamentals – Become an Effective Tech Leader

Mickaël Hiver
Mickaël Hiver
Revenue Operations Manager

Pentalog and Bunnyshell launch CTO Fundamentals, a series of webinars for tech leaders who want to expand their knowledge and become the best in their field.

Cornel Fatulescu, Pentalog’s Chief Platform Officer, will host these live sessions. He will offer valuable tools and real-life examples gathered in his role as a CTO and Head of CTOs.

Access our online sessions from the comfort of your homes. All the webinars are in English.


CTO Fundamentals consists of four online sessions that walk you through all you need to know to become an effective CTO:

# 1st session / May 27th – “The Ideal CTO” will focus on the skills, responsibilities, and main challenges of the CTOs.

# 2nd session / June 24h – “CTO Strategy” will explore elements of strategy and how a CTO can make a difference in the company’s master plan.

#3rd session / August 5th – “CTO Tactics” will get into details of tactics and decision making.

# 4th session / TBD – “A Better CTO” will wrap everything together into a more realistic vision of the modern CTO, not ideal but better.

By the end of the series, we’ll gather all the information in a comprehensive whitepaper available to download for free.

About the Host

Cornel Fatulescu is Chief Platform Officer at Pentalog. He joined the company in 2005 as an Architecture Developer, then continuously challenged his skills by taking on roles such as CTO, Project Director, and Head of CTOs.

With over 23 years of experience in SaaS, two-sided markets, user-generated content, and media products, he is currently leading a team of 60 engineers working on defining the technology strategy and vision at the group level.

Experienced Agile Coach & Trainer, he is also a firm advocate of non-formal education and the co-founder of AgileHub, one of Romania’s most dynamic IT communities.

About our Partner

Bunnyshell is a fast and straightforward cloud-agnostic DevOps automation platform to deploy, scale, and optimize applications. They provide easy infrastructure management on multiple clouds, application management, and DevOps Tools. Bunnyshell increases speed, performance, and scalability & works on the most popular major clouds: AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, Linode, Vultr, UpCloud.

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