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Hackathons are a great resource for students and recruiters alike. Whether you are interested in testing out your skills or hunting for new talent here are some free hackathons happening around the world that you should check out if you are in the neighborhood this coming April.NASA Space Apps Challenge (Held in cities across the world) April 29th-30thThis is an international 48 hour hackathon held annually in cities across the world. Participate either alone or in a team and test your skills in coding, design, hardware, data visualization, and/or robotics. Challenges will revolve around problems both on Earth and in space. The best part is, if you live too far away from an event location you can sign up to participate virtually from home! Registrations for the hackathon will open up soon.It is also possible to sign up as an event host but it’s too late for the 2017 event. If you’re interested in hosting something next year, mark your agendas for 2018!If you are interested in attending, find participating locations and register here.

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HackTGM (Târgu Mure, Romania) April 22nd-23rdThe first Major League Hacking event in Transylvania is happening soon and is open to students from all over Europe. You will have 24 hours to test your coding skills and create a prototype with your team and then time to present your work the following day. It’s a free event with food included and the possibility to win a prize.If you are in Romania this April and want to test out your coding skills learn more here.Delivery of Things World Hackathon (Berlin, Germany) April 23rdA free Hackathon that will take place at the beginning of the Delivery of Things DevOps conference (Note: The hackathon event is free but not the conference). It is 24 hour hackathon based on DevOps themes. Create a team and compete for prizes in a hackathon that will be attended by big name companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Siemens.If you are more on the business side of things you may be interested in attending the conference that will take place from April 24th-25th that will feature 350 IT executives who will discuss all things DevOps. Women’s Hackathon at CSUSM (San Marcos, California) April 22ndSponsored by the California State University of San Marcos, this is a free, bi-annual, 12 hour hackathon specifically for women in university or high school. Students will be challenged to solve two local impact problems with the creation of web based or mobile applications. Participants will be mentored by tech professionals and compete for prizes.If you are in California and not too busy enjoying the sun, click here to register.Online Hackathons by SkillValueSkillValue, the HR focused spin-off of the Pentalog platform, hosts online coding challenges every month. Hackers from around the world are invited to participate and compete for prizes in challenges that revolve around various themes. SkillValue’s challenges usually target Java, PHP, .NET, Python, Ruby, C and C++ technologies. Here is a sneak peek at some of April’s challenges:

  • Challenges for Programmers Belgian Edition (April 5th-May 3rd): The Challenges for Programmers event series consists of online hackathon run in a different country every month. This time around all Belgian coders are invited to compete for a prize in a challenge that will be announced soon.
  • Think Math! (April 10th-27th): A challenge focused on mathematics and statistics. Get ready to think mathematically and Stay tuned for more details.
  • Fly your Spaceship! (April 12th-26th): A challenge inspired by Yuri Gagarin, who was the first man in space on April 12th, 1961. Find out more about our space themed challenge soon.

To see more information about SkillValue’s current and past coding competitions click here. The challenges will be published on the SkillValue website the starting date of each event.Hackathons for allNo matter your demographic or coding proficiency, you can find an event that fits your interests. These are just a few of the free hackathon events happening in April. There are free events every month hosted all over the world. A lot of coding competitions are also happening online so you can find a way to participate no matter your location.  Whether you are a hackathon veteran or curious to try for the first time, sign up for an event today.

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