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Hackathons: The BEST way to Code Your Future


At an academic level, theory provides a foundation for experimentation and helps students figure out what career path they should pursue. In short, theory lays the groundwork that will allow for a more thorough approach to the field they decide to specialize in after graduation. Apart from the academic approach, when your goal is to excel at something, practical experience goes a long way and it can really make the difference when interviewing for your first IT job. Experience can be acquired in many ways these days, from a part-time job to an internship program. Even short-term experiences are useful and this is where challenging and extremely rewarding Hackathons come into play!

BEST Hackathon 2017

Hackathons are the perfect environment to showcase your technical skills. You can get your hands dirty without worrying about the consequences, allowing you the freedom to experiment and explore. No one will criticize your mistakes, you are there to learn and have fun. If you are determined to take home the top prize and come up with an innovative solution, you will leave both your fellow participants and the judges in awe! If you are interested in an event where you can showcase your skills as you learn new ones while networking at the same time, then hackathons are the perfect fit for you! If you like the idea of community, are eager to meet people with similar values and want to learn something by doing, then you are in the right place!

We value unique experiences where students have the chance to explore and build around a technology. We are strong supporters of hackathons and help organize them as well as hosting them ourselves! If you want to run your own hackathon, Pentalog and SkillValue can assist you in planning, organizing and mentoring the participants. You can contact us HERE.

Ask for a quoteProud to support BEST Hackaton in Chisinau

Now we want to take some time to talk about our upcoming hackathon, one that we have contributed to and participated in over the past few years and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Pentalog is proudly supporting BEST Chisinau’s initiative of organizing a 24-hour long hackathon open to IT students who want to test-drive their knowledge, develop their team spirit and be surrounded by like-minded people working with the same goal in mind! 90 students are expected to register and compete in the biggest most challenging hackathon in Moldova, that will take place between the 4th and 5th of February. 7 Pentaguys will be mentoring the participants, providing guidance and constructive feedback and sharing their knowledge and expertise! At Pentalog, we think that hackathons are a game changer for students, and we know from experience that more often than not, they can actively shape one’s future in terms of employment opportunities. Here’s why we believe students should attend these events:



Your career is off to a promising start

While still in university, students often disregard the importance of applying themselves as early as possible, turning theory into practice in order to build a sustainable solution for a task. Some may argue that they lack both the time and the necessary technical skills that would allow them to seriously compete with their peers. However, a hackathon is a safe environment where you can make mistakes, experiment and eventually begin to lay the ground for future employment. Yes, hackathons can often lead to real chances of meeting your potential employer! At the very least, you will never regret participating. Putting your time and effort into building a product/solution will help you meet other people as passionate as you, with whom you can share your experience and ideas, and who knows, may even become your business partners along the way!

Stay ahead of the curve – register now for the BEST Hackathon in Chisinau

If you want to push your coding skills to the next level, you’ve come to the right place! At hackathons, you can work on real projects and get the chance to apply what you’ve learned in university! Not to mention that participating in such a competition goes a long way when in comes to making your resume stand out and landing a job. More often than not, employers are searching for qualified candidates who not only possess the necessary skills, but are also looking to improve, strengthen or expand their area of expertise. Participating in hackathons can really give you an edge in the job market!

And last but not least, think of the following scenario: you’ll start your morning with complete strangers who, as the day goes by, will most likely become your friends, or at least you’ll get to share your insights on the technology used by each, exchange impressions, maybe even register together as a team for the next hackathon!

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, come and pay us a visit! You can find us at Academy+, Chisinau, on the 4th and 5th of February. But first, register for the BEST Hackathon either with a team or on your own (and we’ll find you the perfect match)!

Download Pentalog price list!

Download Pentalog price list!

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