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Happy #GeekPrideDay!


In case you missed what May 25th means nowadays, we’re glad to bring you up-to-speed: yesterday was the all powerful and mighty day dedicated to brain-powered, SciFi, fantasy, science and knowledge loving GEEKS!Recognized internationally as Geek Pride Day, it’s a day during which everyone geeks it out and proudly includes themselves in this category. We owe this wonderful reason to celebrate to Spain, where Geek Pride Day originated. The idea was quickly adopted in the US, UK and little by little in France and the rest of Europe, connecting and resonating with geeks everywhere.It’s quite hard to define a geek, most likely because it’s a (constant) state of mind more than anything! In 2012 The Economist stated that “Those square pegs (geeks) may not have an easy time in school. They may be mocked by jocks and ignored at parties. But these days no serious organisation can prosper without them.” In fact, if you think about it, geeks have been moving the world forward since….well, forever! Simply because “geek” doesn’t mean brain power only, it means passion.Safe to say that at Pentalog, every day is geek day and we love that! You’ll hear about the latest games, movies, series, books, comics, technologies, scientific advancements, gadgets and cats. 🙂 We embrace the “nerdiness” of it all completely and this led us to be fun, understanding, honest, open and more effective at our workplace.Of course, Geek Pride Day was the perfect occasion to geek out and say why we love our inner geek and appreciate our fellow geek colleagues…live, on cam! Here they are:

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