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How To: Optimize your IT Budget in 2019 Participate in our Summer Seminar!


Gartner says global IT spending is on track to reach $3784 billion with a projected growth of 2.7% in 2019. Enterprise Software & SaaS Solutions are the categories expected to experience the most growth at a 9.5% increase in 2018 and 8.4% in 2019.

The areas of  IoT (Internet of Things),  AI (Artificial Intelligence) & BlockChain are also on the radar for future growth.  

However being able to fully benefit from technology innovation means carefully planning your IT Budget first, to ensure that your choices will bring the most ROI to your organization.

Our CTO Cornel Fatulescu explains: 

“When planning your IT budget, you can liken the steps you take to building a house. You wouldn’t try and attach a roof without first laying the foundation, would you? You must prioritize. Otherwise, any time and money invested is an absolute waste.”

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Optimize your IT Budget

If you’re not already thinking about how to optimize your Software Development budget, you should be. 

Your professional “to do” list should also include things like boosting your processes, industrializing your developments, generating more value, choosing the right technologies and overall – becoming more efficient. 

If you’re unsure of what steps to take, we have developed a 2-day seminar to address all these issues in situ, at our offshore centers in Romania or Moldova. Each workshop is illustrated by 1 or 2 concrete client cases from the visited site. 

Optimize your IT Budget in 2019

Will your IT spending increase in 2019? How optimize your IT Budget?
Pentalog developed a 2-day seminar. Register now!

Please select 4 of the 7 workshops that best address your business needs:

 “How To: Unify Agile & Offshore”

Illustrated by Software Publisher project 
Presenter: Cornel Fatulescu, CTO of Pentalog
Duration: 3 hours

 “What Agile Governance & KPI’s Should be Used to Set up Projects?”

Illustrated by Financial Consulting Firm project 
Presenter: Project Manager of Pentalog
Duration: 2 hours

Learn more about Agile Governance

“How To: Measure your Teams’ Skills & Track their Progress”

Illustrated by VOD Software Publisher & Recruitment Firm case studies 
Presenter: Eric Gouin, CEO of SkillValue
Duration: 2 hours

“How To: Improve the Performance of your Information System with DevOps & Cloud”

Illustrated by Call Center & Car Manufacturer client projects
Presenter: Constantin Samoila, Consultant at Pentalog
Duration: 2 hours

Learn more about Cloud Computing.

“What are the Current Tech Trends & how do they Relate to your Product?”

Illustrated by Software Publisher project 
Presenter: Cornel Fatulescu, CTO of Pentalog
Duration: 2 hours

“How To: Use Growth Hacking to Develop a Product that Really Captures the Market”

Workshop illustrated by client projects
Presenters: Frédéric Lasnier, CEO of Pentalog and Jeff Mignon, CEO of RevSquare New York
Duration: 2 hours

Check out our client success story PlayBac Presse

“Why UX is a Key Point in your Product Strategy: How to Implement & Develop It”

Presenters: Jeff Mignon, CEO of RevSquare New York
Duration: 2 hours

Learn more about UX Design



At the end of your stay, you will have all the keys to make the right decisions.
In addition, if you entrust us with the development of a project in 2019, Pentalog will apply its 2018 rates for all orders placed before 31/10/2018!
Seminar & meals provided by Pentalog. Only the trip is your responsibility. (round-trip flight and accommodation).

Contact us to book your visit dates.

Discover client Success Stories: why do they choose to outsource their IT? 


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