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PentaStagiu Iasi 2021: Your Summer Internship Plan for Continuous Learning

Ana Maria Păduraru
Ana Maria Păduraru
Product Owner

It’s that time of the year again, when students start thinking about expanding their knowledge beyond what they learn in school. If you’re an aspiring IT professional eager to make your first steps towards a career in tech, you can stop looking!

PentaStagiu Numbers

This summer, Pentalog Iasi is offering a student-only internship opportunity – the largest of its kind for Romania and Eastern Europe – that can be accessed remotely: PentaStagiu Online.


Why Choose PentaStagiu for This Summer?

What students need most is practical experience, especially students who are pursuing an IT path. At Pentalog, we have perfected our internship program to the point that we feel confident it can be taught and understood online.

As a complete program dedicated to students, PentaStagiu brings the most popular technologies together with seasoned professionals who explain the workflow and implementation process of a real-life IT project.

PentaStagiu Evolution

The evolution of PentaStagiu since 2012 – sometimes, an image really is worth a thousand words!

Some PentaStagiu numbers over the years:

  • 1450 participants, selected from 4700+ candidates
  • More than 1000 training sessions
  • An immediate hiring success rate of 90% for our participants


By attending our summer internship program, you get:

  • Access to 8 different technologies used in today’s – and tomorrow’s – projects;
  • A well-structured curriculum, with accessible course materials that you keep when the course is over;
  • Access to a no-fee, only-for-students internship program;
  • Inside knowledge on how to master a successful project in an IT company;
  • Mentoring from the best professionals Pentalog has to offer;
  • Safe, remote training sessions.


 What Are Your Future Career Options?

If you were wondering about the technologies that you can learn in PentaStagiu, here is this year’s set of tracks for you to choose from:

  • PHP
  • Front-End
  • .NET
  • Android
  • iOS
  • QA Manual
  • QA Automation
  • Java

No matter which course they select, technology-driven students can be sure they will genuinely discover what it means to start and finish an IT project, with the guidance of our colleagues-turned-mentors.

The internship program is a 2-month deep-dive, with weekly meetings, workshops and knowledge-sharing sessions, that includes remote evaluation and working with agility. PentaStagiu also offers the equivalent for specialized practice required by the Faculty.


Who Can Take Part in this Summer Internship Program?

  1. Students from tech Universities that Pentalog has partnered with over the years:
    • The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering (“Gheorghe Asachi” University)
    • The Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration & Faculty of Mathematics (“Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University)
    • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Faculty of Automation in Suceava (“Ştefan cel Mare” University)
    • The Faculty of Computers, Electrical Engineering and Electronics in Galaţi (“Dunărea de Jos” University)
    • The Faculty of Science (“Vasile Alecsandri” University Bacău)
  2. Students from other IT faculties who want to add practice to their already-acquired knowledge.

All Romanian-speaking students are welcome!


The Application Process

If you or your friends want to participate in the PentaStagiu Online internship:

  1. Go to the PentaStagiu Registration Page.
  2. Complete the form, choosing the option that fits you best.Because we believe in creating a great IT community, this year we’ve decided to share our information with everyone who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the summer internship. So, if you want to receive internship materials without taking part in PentaStagiu, just choose that option in the form.
  3. Check your mailbox regularly for more on how you can become part of Pentalog’s Internship Program.


Registration opens on June 28th and courses start on July 19th.

– Save the date!


Want to meet the PenstaStagiu organizers and mentors and find out more about Pentalog Iasi, the birthplace of our internship program?

On June 30th, we’re inviting you to a special meet-and-greet, where all questions are encouraged and welcomed!

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