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Lookalike targeting: how to improve customer acquisition

Floriana Scanteie
Floriana Scanteie
Digital Marketer

Living in a digital world means that most of us are connected no matter the distance. The internet has made possible for people to search and learn a great deal of things. As a consumer, it has become much easier to purchase a specific product, to compare prices and features, to review it, to be part of groups that share the same interests etc. In order for advertisers to reach their audience, sophisticated targeting strategies can be used.lookalike targeting - Agilizza eventNext Boston Agilizza meet up sponsored by Pentalog will update you to the most recent released marketing tools from Facebook and Google so you can target people who are similar to your current, and best customers and clients.On May 4th, Drew Frayre, Lead Analyst at Chimaera Labs, will address the topic “Driving your business to the next level with Lookalike Targeting” and we’re expecting a full-house.

Lookalike targeting is the next big thing in marketing

The diversification of digital advertising techniques made it easier than ever before to gain new customers and prospects using the data you have about your current, high-value customers stored in CRM systems. Facebook and Google, for example, can take a list of your current customers and use that list as a seed audience to find more people who look or behave similarly to those customers. Thus, targeting new users becomes more efficient, as they will be receptive to your customer acquisition advertising.

Useful takeaways

With the help of Drew Frayre, we’ll go through the recent rise of lookalike audiences and targeting in digital advertising: what it means, when it is effective, and how to best utilize it to drive business for you. After this meet up you will know:

  • How to best build a lookalike audience
  • What is a lookalike audience
  • How to leverage your current business and advertising efforts to target your best potential customers

Drew Frayre is passionate about staying on the cutting edge of the digital marketing scene. As the Lead Analyst at Chimaera Labs, he is in charge of innovating and building out strategies for the newest online advertising platforms, most recently, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and Amazon Marketing services.Register and find out more about Pentalog’s meet up in Boston. Also, if you have any questions about optimizing your digital marketing strategy, feel free to contact us.Are you looking to improve your conversion rates for 2017? Learn about marketing automation and how to apply it to your business.

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