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Mobile FastTrack, Brasov 2016

Dan Avram
Dan Avram
Head of Capacity and Talent Marketing Operations

Mobile technologies are changing the way we interact with the world. Everyday there are thousands of new people and services joining this complex entity worldwide. Pursuing this idea, a strong and active mobile community is the right way to go when you work in IT!The first weekend of April brought together a group of passionate developers that managed to learn, share ideas and today, as a result, is able to innovate. The output of this endeavour was Mobile Fast Track, an event that combined two very different ideas: competition and knowledge sharing. A total of 38 colleagues from Iasi, Chisinau, Bucuresti and Brasov joined their coding forces in order to discover the mobile world in a fun and challenging environment.Saturday morning we kicked off the event with knowledge and experience sharing covering the most exciting details of mobile world. By doing so, we aimed both to exchange ideas amongst experienced developers and pass on the “mobile virus” to newcomers. In the second part of the day, we’ve focused all available experience – old and new- to create an application from scratch. During the workshop, smaller teams were formed and everyone got a chance to connect, exchange ideas and develop mobile to perfection! Besides the obvious sharing of technical know-how, another important benefit presented itself through this event: forming great professional relationships, the very foundation of any successful community. Today, both Android and iOS are trendy topics in all our agencies thanks to this event! :)The feedback we received, led all of us to believe Mobile Fast Track should be a regular occurrence in our agendas:1. “It was a great experience: both the organization beforehand and the actual event!”2. “We met wonderful people with whom we worked excellently!”3. “It was awesome to be able to share knowledge and experience with the others!”4. “We were surprised by how involved everyone from Brasov was!” mobile-fasttrack-brasov2016This is the high-in-the-sky end of the first edition of Mobile Fast Track – a brand new Pentalog community are now aiming for excellence! Stay tuned for more mobile adventures! To be continued…P.S: Smile – Believe – Code – Repeat

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