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Start Your Self-Improvement Journey with PentaStagiu

Mihai Alexandru Donose
Mihai Alexandru Donose
Senior QA Engineer

Have you considered joining a remote IT internship program to boost your tech skills? If you’re a student learning information technology, computer science, or engineering, PentaStagiu provides the best practical experience for those in need of deepening their theoretical knowledge.

Or maybe you’re already working in IT and other fields, and you want to learn or further explore a new programming language to make a career shift or grow as a professional. Everything is possible with PentaStagiu, the ultimate remote tech program that will expose you to essential information and easy-to-apply tips.


Whether your interest is in Java, Angular, React, or Quality Assurance, by joining PentaStagiu, you’ll set a solid base of knowledge to help you land your dream job in any IT company.

Tell Me More!

PentaStagiu is a free IT program for tech enthusiasts that lasts between 10 to 12 weeks, depending on the track you select.

Anyone can apply to PentaStagiu if you meet the requirements.

How Do I Know if PentaStagiu is For Me?

Depending on the track you select to learn within PentaStagiu, there are a few minimum conditions that all participants must meet.

Java Track PentaStagiu

Java– Intermediate to advanced English
– Basic programming knowledge

QA Track PentaStagiu

Quality Assurance

– Intermediate to advanced English
– Time
– Desire to learn

Angular Track-PentaStagiu

Angular– Good level of English
– Basic JavaScript, CSS, and HTML knowledge

React Track PentaStagiu

React– Good level of English
– Basic JavaScript, CSS, and HTML knowledge

We’d also appreciate:

  • Your determination to commit to almost 3 months of training, where you’ll have assignments to complete, documentation to read, and live classes to attend.
  • Your willingness to put in extra hours to complete this training, even if you have a full-time job.
  • Your good internet connection and comfy couch because they will make this a truly amazing experience for you.

! Our classes are held in Romanian

How Can I Apply?

  1. Click here to fill out the form and select the track you prefer by March 26th.
  2. After we receive your application, we’ll send you a SkillValue test to evaluate your knowledge (there’s no test for the Angular & React tracks; so, we’ll choose based on your profile).
  3. If you complete the test in time and get a high score, you’ll most certainly join PentaStagiu this spring.


What’s in It for Me?

  • Attend weekly online sessions jam-packed full of essential information.
  • Receive tips and tricks gathered over many years of practice from IT professionals who took part in dozens of successful IT projects.
  • Enjoy a mix of presentations, videos, and lectures on what it means to do this job regularly.
  • Get a diploma attesting to your effort and skills.


PentaStagiu in a Nutshell

PentaStagiu is a free IT training program developed by Pentalog more than 10 years ago to support tech enthusiasts in their journey to becoming proficient in various frameworks and technologies.

We started with on-site programs in Iasi, Chisinau, and Brasov. When we introduced remote training, the program became available to the entire tech community.

The first PentaStagiu program in Brasov took place on-site in 2017. Since then, the program has continued to grow in terms of tech stacks, mentors, and participants.


We’re extremely attached to PentaStagiu. The program became a tradition at Pentalog, one that we look forward to every year.

This experience fills us with joy and gratitude, especially when we hear participants’ success stories about conquering the IT world.

What Do Former Participants Say About PentaStagiu?

“I managed to get hired as a tester immediately after I finished PentaStagiu QA. Thank you so much!”Marina, PentaStagiu QA

“The mentors were very dedicated; the structure of the course was well developed. I liked the involvement, and the constant feedback I received, as well as the mentors’ attitude that kept me focused, involved, and motivated. I did not expect to receive feedback on such detailed topics and concise. I highly recommend this internship.”Ciprian, PentaStagiu Java

“It was a useful course, and it was presented attractively. It had theory, application, tips, and a team of mentors who did a great job. My time was well invested.”Catalin, PentaStagiu Angular

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