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Go PO! – The Product Owner’s Career Starter Program by Pentalog


Are you a Project Manager or Business Analyst looking for new career perspectives as a Product Owner? Or you’ve been working as a Proxy PO for some time and you need to enrich your skills? Then, this program is for you.

Go PO! is a mentoring program bringing together professionals willing to transit to a Product Owner mission in collaboration with skilled mentors & enthusiasts of the Agile community.


Are you ready to start your Product Owner adventure? Register until April 5th and become part of our program, which will unlock an exciting career path for you!

Join us at Go PO!


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Why Go PO?

#A program that goes the extra mile to build skills

Unlike any other product ownership training, this mentorship program places a strong emphasis on practical tasks and real-life examples of successful Pentalog project practices. You will get first-hand insights into a Product Owner’s mission from Pentalog mentors.


#A fully-featured career starter program

A combination of presentations, group mentoring meetings, self-study activities, workshops, 1-on-1 sessions, meetups and study visits to ongoing Pentalog projects will season your learning experience.

During the workshops, you will create demos for deliverables like Visions, Persona, Empathy Mapping, Customer Journey Map, Story mapping, Backlog, Prototypes and many more.

By showing your commitment, at the end of the program, you will have the possibility to get a long-term mentor to coach you and afterwards join a Pentalog project.



To be or not to be a Product Owner?

If you want to be a Product Owner, you need a suitable mindset. You have to be open to challenges, think out of the box and act proactively. Planning, management, creativity and business vision are skills your team will require from you most of the times.

As challenging as it may seem, a Product Owner’s mission is a very rewarding experience that will shape your professional career and personality.

You will certainly put a lot of effort into helping the clients define the product according to their business ROI expectations and after that, it will be your responsibility to help the team get the expected results.

But in the end, seeing that your ideas come to life and grow and that both team and client are working towards a common goal you helped define is something that you won’t find in many jobs.


  • Ready to embark on a rewarding learning experience? Go PO! Register now!

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