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START Challenges for Programmers Moldova 2016!


ITtestsOnline.com continues the tradition of organizing nation-wide competitions for coders.Having organized Challenges for Programmers three times already in Romania, in 2011, 2013 and 2015, we have now shifted our focus to Moldova.More than 4000 Romanian software developers have taken part in our previous editions and this has allowed us to build a real talent map of Romania in terms of coding skills, both for juniors / fresh graduates and for senior developers. Our statistics indicated the popularity of certain programming languages (with Java leading the way) and with the introduction of algorithm coding tasks in the 2015 edition, we were able to assess more than just specific programming language knowledge. You can check out this video to see what the organizers and partners had to say after the first nation-wide coding competition in Romania.If you’re curious to see what the motivation of participants was (and you speak Romanian), you can check out this video with the winners of 2011: they were curious to see if they can outsmart other competitors and challenge the hierarchy.The ITtestsOnline.com community in Moldova counts more than 8000 coders who have interacted one way or another with our platform over the course of the last 5 years. We are eager to see how they will live up to this challenge and whether this type of hackathon is sufficiently engaging for them. We are targeting to engage at least 500 software developers in the country within 4 weeks.This type of engagement rate can be achieved thanks to the relationship we have already built with developers in this country – time and time again they have participated in our global hackathons and they were active contributors to the #codeforlife hackathon, 2 months ago, alongside developers from 5 other countries.Developers from Moldova, we wish you a ton of fun coding and don’t forget to….geek on!Looking to innovate your recruitment strategy? Tell me about your HR challenges.Recruitment challenges? Solve them with IT Tests Online.

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