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The first “Startup Weekend” tagged BlockChain edition in the world

Blockchain Startup Weekend des HautsSave the date, from 27-28-29th January 2017, Pentalog will host a startup weekend edition at Château des Hauts. A new amazing adventure for the people involved (Pentalog and others).
Why “Startup week-end des Hauts”?
We love Entrepreneurship! We love to use design! We love technology! We love difficulties! And we love to meet new people. Finally, we love Startup Weekend. That’s why we have organized this event.
The “Startup weekend des Hauts” (La Chapelle Saint Mesmin was too long) will be:
In English: If scalability is a nice side of a project, the service will have to cover a lot of countries, so book early.
With people from everywhere: This event is not only dedicated to the local people. Orleans is almost in the center of France, Europe. The diversity of people will bring richness to the project.
About the BlockChain technology: The goal is to invent new uses of this disruptive technology.
In the park: The place is full of history and it could boost the participants’ creativity.
BlockChain only for the BitCoin?
The BlockChain technology was created for the BitCoin. The BlockChain can be considered not only a banking ledger but also a better solution for security, inviolability, traceability and risk centralization.  So this could be a disruptive approach to optimizing banking.
Food, Health, Services, Insurances, IoT, Contract management, POS solutions are largely concerned, but not the only ones.
Startup week-end des Hauts” will be the first BlockChain edition in the world!!
Is the “Château des Hauts” location suitable?
Do not worry! The headquarters of Pentalog are more than suitable for this amazing event. Several dedicated spaces will be arranged in the park to ensure an adapted environment for collaborative innovation.
The team of organizers are preparing many things to have a friendly event.
What to do during the Startup Weekend ?
Whether you are employees, entrepreneurs, engineers, students in marketing, management, technology or design, this serious game is dedicated to you! During 54 hours, you will create, test and pivot your project with a team. Everybody will bring their added value to the projects.
How to participate?
This is really easy. Here is the checklist:
  • First: Subscribe to EventBrite here
  • Second: Subscribe for the event one month before 27-28-29 January 2017 here. We will broadcast the event on Facebook.
  • Third: Prepare your coming. Feel free to contact our team for logistical issues.
  • Finally: Come with the right mindset: positive, conqueror, collaborative….
If you have any questions (organization, logistics, …), you can contact directly our team: deshauts@startupweekend.org
Come and invent new uses of the blockchain technology. Subscribe here

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