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Pentalog launches The Decision: a weekly program for getting through the crisis!

Cyrille de Lasteyrie
Cyrille de Lasteyrie
VP of Company Culture, Pentalog

“I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.” Socrates is quoted as saying.

The problem is that to run a company or manage a business unit, this idea doesn’t really move anything forward. In the middle of April, during the heart of the Covid-19 crisis, Frédéric Lasnier, CEO of Pentalog, shared this thought with me: “Success? It’s the sum total of the decisions we make every day.” A bit more pragmatic than Socrates, certainly, but above all, more effectual. For several weeks, this sentence kept running through my head, and I said to myself that something had to be done with it.

So back when the summer started, I suggested that when the kids went back to school, we would come back with a weekly video program, entirely devoted to decision-making.

The Decision

Not just theory – not just talking heads – but a “get our hands dirty” program, meeting real leaders and real heads of business units, who would share with us in real time the behind-the-scenes reasoning for the decisions they were making, in real life, right now, right away.

Every Friday, beginning September 18, we will go straight to the heart of decision-making. For the initial episodes of The Decision, we’ll be tracking two companies very closely. The first is an American company, Larvol, founded 19 years ago by Bruno Larvol, a Frenchman living in California. This 110-person company markets SaaS solutions to pharmaceutical companies. The second is a Canadian company, CONFORMit. Created in 2011, CONFORMit digitizes risk management in HSE (Health, Safety, Environment), also through a SaaS business solution. Throughout the year, we’ll be expanding the panel to cover other sectors, other markets (including B2C), other company sizes, other geographic origins, other decision-makers…

On the one hand, we’re living in a complex and unstable world where information is both inflated – and confused. On the other hand, you have an obligation to act quickly to maintain your activity, guarantee the work of your teams, and – why not? – get results in spite of storms. In this black hole, where not taking a decision is dangerous, decisions are vital. So we are going to journey to the heart of what’s useful, retaining only the most relevant elements of the conversations I will have with these business associates.

The Decision is a short, fast-paced program (~8 minutes), available on all the essential platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and on the Pentalog site) for weekly consumption every Friday.

If you want to be alerted as new episodes are released, you can sign up here. Otherwise, follow us on the network of your choice – we’ll be making all the noise you could hope for!

Every Friday, Pentalog airs a new episode of The Decision. If you want to review highlights, you can find the complete series here.

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