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Vue.js Academy: A New Start to Build Products Using Cutting-Edge Tools

Vlad Gregurco
Vlad Gregurco
Software Architect

Curious minds are always keen on finding how things are built. Have you ever wondered what and, most importantly, who stands behind web applications? Vue.js developers are usually the ones to build user-friendly web interfaces, they optimize the application for performance and solve architectural challenges for a large-scale application involving a high-level of customer configurability.

Having this idea in mind, we organized Vue.js Academy. This program was not about simply sharing information, we strived to inspire our participants to continue working in this direction & sharpen their skills even after the end of our collaboration. Did our mentors manage to achieve this objective? From results, we see that they without a shadow of a doubt did it.

From passion to a good career choice: Vue.js Academy at Pentalog Chisinau

Talented young people passionate about JavaScript frameworks embarked on their first Vue.js journey during our sessions. Before joining us, they had gone through a detailed selection.

Right from the start 100+ participants registered to pass SkillValue tests, only 25 of them were invited to the interview. All applicants were top-notch, but we had a limited number of places. It was a tough choice to make! We paid a lot of attention to JavaScript mastery, HTML skills and English proficiency. When we were done reviewing applications and getting to know all our applicants, only 11 of them were eligible to take part in the course.

vue.js academy - web academy

The final stage of the Vue.js training was not only about the exam. All trainees received recommendations for the future, the direction they can take and best practices to follow.

Vue.js Academy included 16 lessons that well combined theoretical presentations with actual practical tasks. During our sessions, it was important for us to pay attention to how the information is assimilated by those who take part in the course. If they encountered difficulties while completing a task, we would dedicate more time to it.

Train hard! Get results! Repeat!

At the beginning of the course, Pentalog mentors wanted to lay technical foundations that later would serve as a catalyst to a deeper understanding of Vue.js principles. The Academy took place thanks to our 6 mentors, most of them being IT specialists with extensive knowledge of Vue.js and one Agile coach from Pentalog Agency in Romania.

Mentors leveled up the knowledge that our guys and girls already had, and only then got to the actual Vue.js training. It covered the following essential topics that can help Vue.js developers create high-quality products:

  1. Agile

  2. Git

  3. Modern HTML/CSS

  4. Modern JS

  5. Vue.js

  6. Testing

“Consistent and challenging assignments and support from mentors is probably the most effective and valuable way to learn. I learned a lot about the correct layout and CSS techniques such as Grid and Flexbox.” Eduard, trainee

After each meeting with the Academy’s mentors, students were proposed exercises to practice by themselves that had to be submitted for verification. As soon as exercises were analyzed, each completed item got personalized & targeted feedback. Making sure our students understood not just the mistake itself, but also what led to it.

Is it possible to enjoy a Vue.js training? If it is organized by Pentalog, then yes!

The next step was the final exam. 3 hours were dedicated to the development of a product. I am still amazed by everyone’s dedication and good performance. Pentalog trainers managed to catch participants’ attention in such way that we had a full presence 95% of the time. Considering their achievements in a short period of time, a couple of them soon can get a chance to become our colleagues.

As our goal is always to get better, Vue.js Academy organizers asked for the feedback from our participants. Most of them agreed on certain aspects of the course they all had considered valuable:

  • Learning modern promising technology

  • Professional trainers

  • New relevant information

  • Challenging tasks

  • Trainers’ approach and attitude


We enjoyed this training as much as our participants did. Therefore, the next time we will make it even better. Lesson learned: in a short period of time you can upgrade your skills, don’t be afraid to try it.


Would you like to be part of our amazing team? What are you waiting for?

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