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Web Academy: Vue from the Ground Up FREE Vue.js Coding Classes

Alexandru Bereghici
Alexandru Bereghici
Front-end Developer

Vue.js is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for building web user interfaces. That is one reason to start learning Vue.js during this spring’s Web Academy program.

Count on Pentalog’s trainers to teach you everything you need to know about Vue.js. The coding classes are FREE and open to everyone in Moldova with a passion for front-end development.

Join the Vue.js track as part of our 6-week IT training program! We’ll close the registration session at the beginning of April, so hurry up, spots are limited!

web academy - vue.js

At Pentalog, we believe everyone deserves access to valuable and free education. This time, we will help you take your HTML, CSS & JavaScript skills to the next level by learning an increasingly popular JavaScript front-end framework, Vue.js!

If you are unfamiliar with Vue.js or JavaScript libraries and frameworks in general, if you are an IT student or a specialist in the field and you are ready to improve your skills and expand your horizons, then Web Academy is for you!

We’re launching the Vue.js track because it is one of the most popular topics in the web front-end space and it aims to be a really fun and easy to use JavaScript framework for user interfaces. Vue is also the framework that the most JavaScript developers said they wanted to learn in 2018.

Why Learn Vue.js?

  • Easy to get up and running

  • It’s clean and readable

  • It’s flexible and less opinionated

  • It benefits of a strong open-source community

  • The learning curve is friendly and we’ll make the process fun for you.

  • Vue apps can be effectively built with ES5, the standard of JavaScript that almost every browser in existence supports.

Web Academy Gives You More!

While most online tutorials cover the basics of the framework, the purpose of this Vue.js Web Academy is to present all the concepts related to building a real & production-ready application.

The main topics of the course includes talks and exercises covering:

  • VueX

  • Modern HTML, CSS and SCSS

  • JS patterns

  • Docker

  • Agile

  • Templating (themes, splitting, filters, data binding, slots)

…and more

During this training program, we will create a fun, exciting, and challenging project, allowing you to apply everything you learn instantly, from the very first app components to its deployment in the cloud.

The course lasts 6 weeks and consists of three learning sessions per week, all taking place at Pentalog’s Chisinau office.

Our team of Vue.js trainers, experienced developers, will guide you through every step, mentoring you and answer all your questions. They will assist you off program too, anytime you need help.


Want to join the Vue.js Web Academy? Register now!


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