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Pentalog Institute knowledge sharing workshops


Knowledge sharing workshops are the new trend at Château des Hauts! Why is that? Because this month we have organised two knowledge sharing events:

  • Learn & Lunch, open to everybody working at the Pentalog headquarters, including to our incubated startups (MyLoireValley + MarketScience + Merkatic), and
  • Consulting Days, exclusively for the Pentalog consultants.

Learn & Lunch

Implementing this workshop is a real piece of cake. Every Tuesday, the participants make the most of their lunch break by exchanging information on a certain topic. Every two weeks, we discuss about an open topic and the following week we exchange ideas on the activity of one of our ecosystem’s startups. All people at the headquarters are invited. It’s simple: no registration whatsoever, we just bring our lunch and we’re ready to roll.

#LearnAndLunch: stimulating discussion on iBeacon – deployment, security, etc..

#LearnAndLunch: stimulating discussion on iBeacon – deployment, security, etc..

For the open topics, we have a moderator familiarized with the subject. He also organises the discussions to ensure we don’t focus only on one side of the topic. The goal is for all the participants with various professional backgrounds to gather more knowledge and master the topic together. In order to facilitate the kick off and have a minimum preparation, we rely on the existing presentations (thanks to SlideShare) or videos (thanks to YouTube). Lean attitude: We cannot become specialists in just a few minutes. Therefore, we rely on the existing materials (in French or English) to open the discussion.

In the first session that took place on October 21, we discussed about the iBeacons based on the following 3 videos (What is iBeacon):

which enable us to exchange information about:

  • Concept: Proximity geolocation
  • Use: with fixed and mobile iBeacons, private (inDoor) or public (outDoor) deployments
  • Deployment
  • Service monetization
  • Security breaches of these services

These technical, business, practical, and industrial exchanges benefit each and every one of us. No reports needed. And of course, while we exchange ideas, we eat

The next edition will focus on a startup: MyLoireValley. Jérôme Richard, Web Marketing CEO & Co-Founder of Sowioo, will present us one of his activities on which everyone can express their understanding, ideas, suggestions, etc. Daydreaming while having lunch is also encouraged.

The next in line are MarketScience and Merkatic in two weeks.

For the open subjects, the topics are …OPEN.

Ergonomics, application performance, express development, connected objects ecosystem, static models (prediction, fraud…), etc. The list is never-ending. We set out the following topic and its moderator during each session.

Consulting days

This workshop gathers together a much smaller population on a monthly basis. The objective consists in organising more extensive moments of reflection than a simple and limited lunch. All Pentalog consultants attend this event, irrespective of their specialisation: research, digital transformation, technology, marketing, organisation. Here once more, the idea is to learn and progress together.

The organisation is not fixed but rather self-organised. However, the schedule we have set for ourselves is as follows:

    • Book workshop: One of the consultants shares his book reading experience.Last edition: “Delivering happiness” and the beautiful story of Zappos told by Tony Hsieh. The clients’ and the collaborators’ happiness is built every day into a company culture.
      Making of chocolate tubes

      Making of chocolate tubes

    • Main topic: In-depth discussion on the defined topic: Post-it exercise, debriefing, opinion sharing, etc.Last edition: “What makes a good consultant? “,”What do clients expect from a consultant?”, “Why do companies resort to consulting?” A stream of questions that we answered by sharing our ideas and experiences.
    • Exchange on a consulting issue: This is an open exchange on an issue we have been faced to during our client activities.
    • Agile practice: This is also an open exchange on a positive or negative practice one of us may have encountered.Last edition: We worked on making a Zen presentation (little text, lots of images, scenario, etc.)
    • Digitization: Attempt to digitize all or part of a business activity or how to set the digitization limits of a business.
      Chocolate tubes and pear mousse.

      Chocolate tubes and pear mousse.

    • Dinner: As an extension of the sharing exercise, we have to prepare our dinner. This is also a production exercise: grouped in pairs, we share the tools and the space to deliver the most wonderful and fabulous dish on time. Last edition: 10 sat at the table, mini appetizers, shirred eggs, green pepper sauce & mashed potatoes, chocolate tubes and pear mousse.
    • Technology: Presentation of a technology.Last edition: iBeacons.
    • Continuous improvement: At the end of each session, we determine together what can be improved for the next time.
    • ROTI: Before we go back to work, each one of us has to calculate the Return On Time Invested (levels 1 to 5: http://www.agile-ux.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/roti-grosjean-agileux.png )Last edition: 4,3 for 11 persons. Not bad! 

Why organise these workshops?Our clients, Pentalog, our activity and our interventions are constantly changing. These workshops give us the opportunity to look back at all the changes and extend the informal discussions at the coffee machine during lunch or dinner. This is also a change management oriented attitude.Bringing higher added value to our clients is only possible by progressing together and faster!How about improving your change and quick adaptation skills in an agile environment today?Just one click and all our best consultants are at your service. Contact me!

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