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Pentalog partners up with Speedinvest: The Fund for Startups in Central Europe & Germany

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Speedinvest is to funding in Europe what Pentalog is to technology and growth hacking.

Both companies, leaders in their respective market, have decided to merge their business strategies to build a partnership. As a result, Speedinvest, based in Vienna, will open its pipeline to a pool of startups, mainly Fintech and Legtech.

Pentalog will then channel this stream of startups by directing them to our network of European clients operating in the same business segments.

(We have already established a large-scale collaboration with one of these startups.)

Growth hacking - partnership

Joint events are also being organized as part of our partnership.

Cornel Fatulescu, our Associate CTO, will meet the community in Vienna on May 17th to break down the agile ramp up methods and worldwide growth hacking strategies we implement throughout our European, Vietnamese and Latin-American production centers, as well as our growth hacking units in Paris and New York.



Once Speedinvest further extends its operations to the western part of the continent, our alliance will become an additional financing opportunity by means of a premium fund for our clients and partners located in Central or Western Europe.

We are particularly excited about this collaboration because it unifies the value of finance, technology, and design.

To date, nearly 50 clients based in German-speaking countries have chosen the Pentalog platform for digital product development or HR services and we look forward to making even more headway there.


Join Cornel Fatulescu at our meetup in Vienna and learn more about the Pentalog Digital Service Platform.


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