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Introducing Pentalog’s Vision for Change, Positive Tech Impact

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Note: This is the first in a series of articles which will introduce Pentalog’s new Vision and Mission. Below we focus on the Vision, the beacon of our shared aspirations.

Pentalog's Vision

Humans are facing another great transformation. We are obliged to respond.

The pandemic enveloped a planet already under pressure. Quantum data circulates in the arteries of the Internet: The Cloud ignites and digitization thunders. E-commerce, NFTs, cryptos, Metaverse, Web 3.0! Business and leisure are done from home, remotely. We create without moving and we consume as if without limit.

But listen closely and you can hear voices and companies rising, groups of humans organizing to make this transformed life a better one. The Pentalog Galaxy must make its commitment. Today, we are nearly 1,300, soon to be 3,000 strong.

With a 30-year legacy of growth and adaptation, Pentalog carries the genes for agility. It is bred into our bone to anticipate and to build, not simply ensure. Now as we navigate the global challenges swirling around us, we must elevate our commitment. The question to answer is not if but only how.

Here we find a global standard: ESG, for Environment, Sustainability and Governance. Companies seeking to prove their social conscience demonstrate their resolve across these three concerns. We have chosen that path. We reject the doubters and recognize that the future of capitalism is also the future of the world.

We choose to build a company which, step by step, year by year, becomes more and more part of creating global solutions. We choose Positive Tech Impact!

Positive Tech Impact, Our Vision for the Future

Pentalog aspires to be 100% Positive Tech Impact by 2025. Our commitment to this vision is based on ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) principles and is at the heart of our purpose as a responsible technology company, for ourselves and for our customers.

How We’re Making Change

  • Our Environment
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ethical Governance

Positive Tech Impact, in Consideration

Begin with Impact. We consider “impact” first because we must make a difference to our world, the place where we live. Failure to act is socially dangerous and morally unacceptable. But it is also bad business, a missed opportunity to invest in the continued relevance of our work.

The impact we make is the “soul” we put into the things we do. We seek to contribute not just our labor but also our values.

Consider the role of tech. Technology guides both the acceleration as well as the madness of our time. We cannot pretend otherwise; our choices have consequences. The resources we consume, the raw materials, the stress on our planet and its people, the value we give back and the dreams we work for, they matter.

Pentalog was born in Tech and is growing in Tech. We must accept our responsibility to the planet and its people.

Envision positive change. We believe technology has a unique potential to make a better world and we seek to unleash that power, for ourselves and with our clients. We are not content with growth alone. We want progressive change, growth with meaning. We want Positive Tech Impact.

We must “think progress” at each stage of production. How does my work advance Pentalog’s vision for its people, its communities and its clients?

An ESG Framework for Value Maturity

The ESG framework is a new kind of maturity model for Pentalog’s evolution. Step by step we must train ourselves to consider our progress against these commitments. Our future clients and our future colleagues are also expecting this.

Managing risk is the new growth and the global investment community has taken notice. So has the talented youth of the world, demanding their future employers do better.

Nor are we talking about trivial economics. By 2025, more than some $53 trillion in global assets will be subjected to ESG principles, more than a third of the world’s managed securities. We will not remain on the sidelines.

ESG criteria are the measures of accountability for the Pentalog of tomorrow.

We Emerge Across the Boundary of the Possible

That edge of our understanding brings us to the recognition that we are part of a complex world of decreasing predictability and increasing risks.

To anyone needing proof of that argument we offer you the COVID-19 pandemic as evidence. The industrial revolution of two centuries ago is ancient history. Butterfly effects are manifesting on planetary scale in real time. Globalization and digitization expose every person and every company to new risks, new disruptions, but also new potential.

As long as we draw breath, we can choose to direct our energies for good, to accept the urgent challenge to bring out of each of us and all of us together, something superior. Let us reach for Positive Tech Impact as a learning organization and build our capacity to deliver growth with meaning.

Our shared dreams and talents will give birth to change we cannot create on our own. We do not expect that to happen overnight, but we must have objectives, and milestones. A crisis is not met with hesitation but adaptation. We must embrace complexity to shape the future we desire, to foster its emergence.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in this Series, Our Mission to Foster the Emergence of Progressive Technologies. Here we will discuss the work of Pentalog teams gathering this week to define and launch our next steps for organizational learning and capacity building.

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