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Pentalog accelerates staffing capacity by opening two new centers in Romania.

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

A glance at the map – showing our two new delivery centers in Timisoara and Craiova – helps to highlight why Pentalog is the premier software development recruiter in Romania.

pentalog Romania

At the western tip of the country, the ‘rebel’ Timisoara (where the revolution started in 1989) is the third most populous city in the country, behind Bucharest and Cluj. Further south, Craiova is in 6th position behind Iasi and Constanta, and ahead of Brasov. With these two new centers (for a total of six), Pentalog is expanding not only its presence, but its ability to find, integrate, and retain the finest talent throughout Romania.

Emerging new talent pools

For a number of years now, we have been promoting teleworking, whether part- or full-time. Covid certainly helped to reinforce this practice. Month after month, project after project, we have been able to map the location of our remote employees all over the world – and in particular in Romania, historic cradle of the company’s production power. From reading this data, it appeared that two new regions stood out and brought together micro-communities of talent in software engineering.

Increased productivity by streamlining collaborative spaces

By opening two new delivery centers, Pentalog has therefore chosen to adapt to the geography of talent: offering a focus point for socializing and cohesion, for work discussions, for customer meetings – a place where developers can freely punctuate their schedule with meetings between colleagues, with even more efficiency and responsiveness for teams, and so, for our clients. This development strategy makes it possible on the one hand, to reduce unused surfaces in the historical centers, and on the other hand, to extend out to new forces in software development. Gains in productivity and efficiency in sourcing and recruitment have direct repercussions on general organization, to the benefit of projects.

Small reminder, but we should add the Chisinau center in neighboring Moldova, which also provides cutting-edge technological expertise. This unique European coverage logically allows us to extend our tech sector talent pool, and offers our customers ever more scope to source the best developers and engineers in the country.

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