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Pentalog becomes Leader Partner of DACH region’s first CTO community, alphalist

Cosmina Trifan
Cosmina Trifan
Chief Marketing Officer

When it comes to understanding CTOs, Pentalog has always been ahead of the game.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that Pentalog has partnered with the alphalist CTO Community to help them address the evolving challenges faced by CTOs across the DACH region.

The collaboration will bring opportunities for CTO networking through value-added events. An unrivalled opportunity for experienced minds to come together to share experiences and insights they’ve learnt along the way – whether in technical challenges or in technical leadership.

A perfect complement to why the alphalist network was created in the first place.

alphalist partnership


As alphalist founder, Tobias Schlottke, explains, “The alphalist community was born 6 years ago from a need to build a channel to exchange ideas and keep in touch with peer CTOs. It then gradually grew into a community which provides tech leaders with a context where they know they can get the value they need to level up and find answers to their challenges.”

Tobias adds, “The community is one of a kind in how organic the exchanges are. Our motto ‘accumulated knowledge to accelerate growth’ perfectly describes our promise towards the community, which is helping CTOs grow beyond the alpha version of themselves.”

Tobias Schlottke


How Pentalog’s expertise will help the alphalist meet evolving challenges

Pentalog has been working with CTOs and technology leaders for over two decades. We know their unique challenges, growing needs, and various pain points. Be that meeting the demands of the business’s requirements or making permanent evolutions of solutions. It might be delivering the needs of resources quickly and at efficient costs, managing and meeting customers’ expectations, or ticking all the crucial security boxes.

The list goes on and on.

Pentalog’s commitment to the technical community comes from our deep experience of working with CTOs around the world on delivering software. Becoming part of the alphalist community now means our resources and tools are available to help tech leaders throughout the DACH region to enrich their continuous learning journey.

“We strive to create a mutually beneficial environment that supports the success of all community members,” says Cornel Fatulescu, Chief Platform Officer and Head of CTOs at Pentalog.

Partnering with alphalist is part of our commitment to continuous learning and sharing. We will offer alphalist members tools, consulting, and resources and with our initiatives, we will foster innovation, exchange ideas, and create lasting value.

By working with CTOs, CIOs, and tech leadership communities worldwide, Pentalog aims to connect with technical leaders and understand and address real-world issues when developing tools and services.

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