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RevSquare Becomes Pentalog Growth Factory

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

We kept getting reminders from the former RevSquare tribe that they are 100% Pentalog – all the time.

The RevSquare name is no more. Our team will now be known as Pentalog Growth Factory – just as our tech business lines became Pentalog Software Factory.

RevSquare becomes Pentalog Growth Factory

Blending growth hacking, data and technology with creative applications in a single growth loop – that’s what a winning business strategy can deliver. Contact us to find out more!

Pentalog Growth Factory. 3 Core Services. The Only 3 That Work


Growth loops are our thing, and they work on three levels:


1. UX/UI design

No bullshit design. No, “This would be better round and blue rather than square and red.” (You know what I’m talking about :D) The type of design we love is functional and efficient. Design that is streamlined, not overloaded. Design that recruits users and doesn’t just attract them. That means a ton of testing. Because, that’s how the decisions get made.

We know enough to know what we don’t know, and we know that people who say they know, don’t. No need for artistic directors and other creative quacks. Design? Yes. But with the application of growth-hacking to make it lean and data-driven. We’d really like certain agency terms to become extinct.


2. PPC Campaigns and Social Media

Keeping a close eye on client budgets to make them as efficient as possible, while also getting the most out of data generation to better manage market interactions. We have an amazing team working on this; they oversee annual budgets worth millions. What a joy to be freed from having to listen to the blathering of “experts” who don’t actually know anything. Here we know who we’re reaching, when and where. We even know how they’ll react on Facebook. If they visit your site, they’ll be retargeted later on. The same goes for Instagram, LinkedIn and all the rest!


3. Marketing Automation

This is the real heavy hitter. You can’t just keep retargeting people on social media or other websites. In the long-term, it’s expensive and inefficient. The goal for your PPC campaigns should be to recruit visitors to your landing pages, websites and tools in an effort to form a community of users you can send automatically generated yet personalized NLs. All this happens through automation scenarios executed on the fly: messages sent regularly so you stay on prospects’ mind and retargeting on social media via PPC using personalized messaging based on user behavior.


Data and Technology – Driving the Growth Loop

We believe the only things that can create a growth loop at a company are their salesforce and partnership or affiliation strategies. Conventional strategies, while sometimes effective, cannot be controlled – making them difficult to scale, direct, and difficult to use for recruiting users. They have no place in our positivist view of the world. We believe in facts and figures. You won’t find print or TV ads here. If we can’t measure it in terms of metrics and ROI, we don’t want to sell it.

In each of the three layers that make up our range of services, everything starts with data analysis (markets, browsing history, Google, FB, orders, salespeople, accounting and forecasting). Economics is the jumping-off point for everything that happens at Pentalog Growth Factory.

Our tech stack, the tools we use – are essential. For our clients, we leverage the biggest automation platforms on the market (Oracle, Hubspot, Marketo, Adobe, etc.), data analysis tools (such as Tableau), big data tools and ad hoc instruments such as online media, apps, e-commerce tools, IoT, AI algorithms and AI from top clouds (Google, Amazon and Microsoft), all backed by the Pentalog Software Factory support you know and love.


An Effective Long-Term Growth Driver

The best indication of what you can achieve when you believe in what you do comes from our own data.

At Pentalog, we have had the same number of WW salespeople (6) for years. Meanwhile, our revenue has tripled. I don’t have to tell you how efficient they are or how effective their marketing is.

We have averaged 24% organic growth per year for the past four years and our EBITDA is always in the healthy double digits. We generate over 200 leads on the platform each month, 5% of whom become our clients.

In the US, we will see 40% organic growth this year in every region of the country, in part thanks to digital tech. Our two most recent major American clients come from cities where we have zero presence: Phoenix and Baltimore. These two alone will generate $3 million in 2019, and yet we hadn’t even heard of them a few short months ago. We started high-level consulting services without even having met them!

Our return on equity consistently falls in the 25 to 40% range.

We have found a long-term solution for the growth-profitability problem. That’s the growth loop.


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