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Accelerators, incubators… my darlings!

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

There are only 3 things they should do: solve the 3 essential pain points of all startups:

1. Provide crucial assistance in building a technical team

There are less than 5 accelerators capable of doing that in Europe and 2 or 3 in the SV. And among them, there is one that I love more compared to others 🙂

2. Build an efficient network

90% of the contact points within these accelerators are either juniors dealing with Nespresso orders 6 months ago or seniors who thought that we were still going to need them (regardless of whether they will become fashionable again) + some public employees who are experiencing the thrill of the moment but who aren’t so eager to quit their jobs.In other words, people who have never had the slightest contact point in an investment fund or that have never built the slightest partnership contract or even launched a startup. And they are supposed to help startups! Not even 10% of those permanently engaged in the life of accelerators have ever invested in high traction startups. In fact, there are none. And they read more TechCrunch and Robert Scobble than me.

3. Help the startup structure its digital growth model

In short, the marcom strategy/execution couple. Would it be useful to further develop this topic? There are less than 10 accelerators in Europe that know how to offer relevant support to their startups on this topic either. And there are 2 that I prefer 🙂The times are too tough to continue to see how these professionals of the intangible continue to rip off startups without consequences. LEAVE NOW! A good co-working is worth 100 times more than a bad accelerator and is far cheaper.This article was initially published on Pulse, Linkedin.Photo Credits Shutterstock.

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