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Business has started strong in 2010

Sophie Lelarge
Sophie Lelarge
Chief Revenue Officer

Since I became Sales Director I haven’t taken yet the time to look at all the indicators in this sector. My first responsibility was to boost sales and only then count the points.Since early this year I have become more involved in this part of my activity and have taken the time now to step back from our commercial activities.In Pentalog France we have an enormous advantage: years of market development, web ranking, with innovations that allowed us to receive requests from prospective clients “naturally”. Whether by searching the web or through social networking, we received on an average 0.71 requests per day since the beginning of this year!Amongst these 25 requests, some did not complete their requests, others have already received a negative response but there remain a good fifteen dossiers waiting for a response or for which an offer is being elaborated.And since we also have started using the metric system in our business proposals, I can announce that the average time spent responding with a complete proposal is just less than 3 days.It will take another few weeks to refine this data and a few months to see if time spent on offers can be correlated with the outcome of the business proposal.EN-CeBit-Banner php

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