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Château des Hauts, future Pentalog headquarters

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Although the timing wasn’t the best for me to do so, I had to announce the acquisition of Château des Hauts sooner than I would have wanted to. indeed, we purchased the estate for the reasons we explained here and here several months ago. More precisely, we were looking for a space which could enable us to attract the brightest minds in our profession. And this is not easy to achieve if we take into account our frail collective regional identity.SSII-Pentalog-ChateauThis castle in itself will enable us to explain why we have stayed in Orleans. Its image and power of attraction will facilitate the organization of high-level business seminars at our own headquarters. Among all the projects we have considered during this period, there were only two which really got our attention:- A headquarters in Paris, closer to most of our clients and providing easy access to our national and international business partners, and, for our collaborators, closer to airports.- Château des Hauts which offers Pentalog’s teams and partners a special feel which compensates for the physical distance between us and our clients… and which results in hundreds of man-hours (or thousands?) by car or by train per year for the Orleans team.Finally, by making this decision, we have listened to the silent urge of most of us to stay in this town, close to ours and to our roots. It was also our choice to undertake the heritage conservation mission, which is inherent to such a place.We HAVE COMMITTED to change nothing to the building and park landscape. We will comply with the legal requirements with regard to renovation, according to the information we receive. We shall never build any expansions which could alter the building’s character.The village residents will enjoy the sight of a renovated place, in great need of it, without spending any public money.Pentalog should transfer about thirty collaborators to the Chapelle village and is aiming at generating about twenty additional positions on site in the following years. Fiscally, there are several million euro of the Group’s Sales figure, to be attached to this address.Pentalog was set up in Orleans in 1993 by students, most of them graduates of the University of Orleans. 18 years later, 700 employees worldwide later, presence in 6 countries and sales in 10, we want to put our energy and resources at the service of this outstanding project. As for our ethical sense, our dedication to our community has always been acknowledged. Therefore, 92% of Pentalog’s capital belongs to its employees and we have co-financed the development of 5 companies of young entrepreneurs, of which 3 in Orleans, supported by our incubator. This castle, not in use for a long time and just a burden for the departmental community, can thus revive and take part in this fantastic adventure, so contemporary and linked to its original land.

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