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A combination of three achievements: Fast 500, 2nd place at the national business strategy awards, 90th place in the 2010 TOP 100

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Pentalog, or I as an entrepreneur, I don’t know for sure, has just been ranked 90th company by the French Magazine “l’Entreprise”/Ernst&Young in the 2010 top 100 most profitable companies in France that achieved a sales figure of more than 10 million euros. Of course, being on the 90th place out of 100, we could aim for a higher position… but taking everything into account, 230 companies met the competition criteria and there are probably several thousand which didn’t achieve the minimum thresholds to participate (namely a sales figure of at least 10 million euros, a minimum growth of 20% over the last 5 years and positive profitability for the last fiscal period). Obviously, there are already fewer companies behind the gates. This result, among the 3 million French companies, honours Pentalog employees and their efforts. It enables me to join the prestigious academy of entrepreneurs consisting of all the entrepreneurs who, one day, had the pleasure of entering the annual top 100.But above all, this crowns an incredible year 2009-2010 for Pentalog in terms of recognition. For, if we are “only” on the 90th place in France, we have also distinguished ourselves in two other important competitions. Being ranked among the first 500 European technology companies (Deloitte Fast 500), in the French TOP100 and receiving the silver medal at the French contest for company strategy is like winning the combined ski race or the decathlon in athletics. The first takes into account growth over 5 years, in a sector that is growing quite naturally, at European level, the second focuses on profitability (90th place in France) while the last evaluates strategy and establishes a link between the past, the present and the future.For both shareholders and employees, these are important elements of recognition and we are all happy about the positive consequences that they will have in the media and the professional circles. Therefore, it is a lot easier for us to prove that we have reached our 5-year objectives by becoming the European nearshore leader, in addition to having become the French leader.The year 2010 strengthens Pentalog’s progress, with higher profitability that is undoubtedly still to come. Growth will be lower than in 2009, but should still come close to, if not exceed 30%. We could, therefore, compete again with good chances of success 😉

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