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Make CTO’s Great Again!

Cornel Fatulescu
Cornel Fatulescu
CTO for France and Germany at Globant

Two weeks ago I attended a meetup in Munich and got to hear some great opinions on a super controversial topic.

“How your CTO Can Kill your Business.

While I knew the audience would be cached by the content, I wasn’t expecting the valuable conversations that followed.

Here’s how they started. CTO’s are trendy.


Google Trends - Pentalog

No surprises here.  But, how much do we really know about CTO’s ? After finishing my research, I was amazed to discover there’s almost nothing out there!

There’s no clear cut definition of a Chief Technology Officer.  There’s no shared understanding of their purpose or role and most importantly, absolutely no common ground for learning or teaching about them.

CTO - Books on Amazon

Try asking people around you what they think a CTO is or does.

The responses you get will be conflicting, to say the least.

When you ask what a CTO is

But that isn’t how it started, or how it should necessarily be. When corporates created research facilities they started appointing those responsible with the translation of research into business opportunities as Chief Technology Officers.

The sexiest job you could possibly dream of.

CTO History

CTO Flavours

And when I say “out there” I think of the Pentalog Platform – first and foremost. Pick a flavor and let us deliver your CTO.

Downloading the entire presentation support, here. 

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