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Pentalog Sells Two Startups: One In the U.S., One In France! Fred’s Newsletter #05

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

The market just rewarded us in the best way possible: we just sold two of our startups—one in the U.S. and one in France. This result thus presents a great opportunity for me to explain why our investment model seems to deliver more positive outcomes than others and why it contributes so much to our growth.

digital strategy

Learn about the strategy of the Pentalog platform.

While writing on this first subject, I also felt the desire to further disclose certain revelations concerning our model. We’re a solid company and, after all, the essential is in the quality of the work we do. So, we have nothing to fear from being completely transparent.

So without further ado I will present our news to you here, as I usually do, in three parts:

  • First up, let’s look at how we try to avoid as much as possible turning towards tech giants when it comes to developing our digital strategy. And you will see that this strategy can work for anyone. That will be my marketing article for Newsletter #05.
  • Do you know how prices are determined for offshore areas? I’ll also be discussing this, in addition to announcing that Pentalog will be setting up shop in Mexico during the fourth quarter of this year.
  • Two sell-offs with great returns on investment in the last two months! We have invented a form of IT for Equity financing that works!


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Customer acquisition costs: is it possible to escape the tech giants and privatization of the Web?

Not long ago, I was talking with one of the most brilliant leaders in French Tech (who is currently preparing to announce an enormous round of capital raising). When I asked him what allowed him to build a global base of users for his offerings, he told me, off the cuff, that he was able to do so while saying no to the tyranny of paid customer acquisition through Google and Facebook by using many other channels. Learn about Pentalog’s strategy.


Guadalajara, Mexico: the Best-Kept Nearshore Secret? In Any Case, Pentalog Is Setting Up Shop There!

On a very pleasant business trip to Mexico, with the aim to extend Pentalog’s global coverage and respond to the growing needs of the platform in the United States, I came across a very large Mexican city that you don’t often hear much about. It’s a city that is growing rapidly and has strong connections with Silicon Valley: Guadalajara.

Two exits this month from the Pentalabbs start-up portfolio! A big windfall for future development.

While talking with a close friend, I realized that he didn’t really understand how our investment model works or why it works. He saw our model as relying on Lady Luck, who occasionally smiles upon investors, when in reality the model relies on a chain of processes and business logic. If my friends don’t understand, then it’s probably time I re-explained 🙂


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