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E-commerce: Pentalog Labbs will support the development of Easyflyer

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

The Pentalog Group, through its incubation service called Pentalabbs, has decided to participate in a capital increase of Easyflyer, one of the top 5 French online printing companies. The two Orléans-based companies share a common value system and highly advanced digital strategies. Easyflyer was seduced by Pentalabbs’ engineering programme, which is based on a unique concept that reduces the time required to go from the R&D phase to the software and e-commerce project industrialization phase. Helped by a high-level web service design team, and based within a Digital Company of more than 600 engineers, Pentalabbs assists the project owner in the R&D phase and then sets up and coordinates a high-level industrialization team at low rates, thus guaranteeing a reduction in costs and time to market while maximizing the ROI.Finally, Easyflyer will benefit from the other advances of the Pentalog group in terms of digital and virtualization strategies. Joint offers could be deployed in the months to come in the offices of Easyflyer, Pentalog or in any other company of the Group. Thus, several upgrades of Eastflyer products and services are already in the design phase. In addition, the online printing company will be able to use Pentalog’s European and Asian network which includes six countries and regularly sells its products and services in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Moldova or Israel.Pentalog’s participation will reach 20% of the capital at the end of the operation.

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