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Product Strategy

Having innovating ideas is good, applying them is better…


… This is what could be Pentalog Labs’ leitmotif. The team which is currently being built and whose main actors cannot be revealed yet is working out its organization and method of communication. We can already tell you that four projects are in the process of being launched. They are organized around three main points:

  • competence management and marketing
  • project and productivity management
  • a third subject which is still open and which will be defined according to our current and future clients’ and partners’ needs. This-one may be focused, for instance, on software edition.
  • All these projects, as well as future ones, will have a common goal: go from technology to innovation and from innovation to long-term value. They will consist in delivering POC and services which have a very high added value. Pentalog Labs is meant to be a technological and business excellence window.Through its IT activities, Pentalog enters in contact with numerous experts in various fields, which gives it access to a large sphere of creativity. We intend to use this asset in the best possible way, within an incubation strategy which will allow us to increase the benefits of innovation projects that we are going to launch, and to use once again new leverage in order to ensure continuous growth and a stable leadership.Therefore, the Labs will certainly be closely linked to the partnership approach of the development strategy of Pentalog Group. Innovation is not a product of chance, as it requires investments, commitment and organization. Capitalizing on expertise, the pooling of our force and talent together with those of our future partners which will bring innovating projects, this is what will make the difference. Start-ups, grow-ups, entrepreneurs, investors are all possible partners for developing synergies. Together with them, the Labs’ high level team will soon be able to meet the challenges of “planetarization” for the creation and intelligent use of the technologies and business models of tomorrow.

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