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New Pentalog website: nurturing a platform strategy

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

The new version of our corporate website www.pentalog.com helps us on the way to the transformation of our activities in a full digital service platform.We are keen to hear your feedback!We have chosen to launch the English version first, the French (our mother tongue) version will be available soon.Banner-pentalog-2015It has been a long time since Pentalog has bet on the web for the upstream of our sales process, making us a pioneer of the e-procurement relationship between supply and demand of IT services. That strategy helped us reach customers in 30 countries and now provides commitments to 700 engineers in our historical outsourcing activities.I do admit that our former website was always compared with those of our competitors and it so often represents the entry door to the group. This is entirely my fault being too deeply involved in both the geographical expansion and the construction of the disruptive offer of Pentalabbs which already contributes so positively to the group’s image. Think that we receive more than 50 solicitations per month from startups WW. We have so far secured 29 deals, 24 in technology for equity and 5 in digital marketing, for a total €3M investment.We are also waiting for the output of some partnership experiments between the different members of our ecosystem. We can now say that the platform is the result of an auto-generation process sustained by conversations and a lot of design thinking. All members participate in a monthly platform board while Pentalog owns equity in more or less each of them.Thanks to the multiple hybridization between Aktan (Service Design and UX), PeopleCentric and its satellites Test01coder and ITtestsonline (IT recruitments, 100 000 coders who voluntary self-assessed their hard skills through 3.5M questions), Pentalog 600 coders and consultants and Pentalabbs financial alchemists, we have built up an awesome list of new offers.Business Model - PentalogThe innovation rhythm is amazing! We now build from scratch complex digital production or R&D environments for our customers, we deliver online/offline hiring competitions for coders, we assess ITC Universities, we also assess  the skills of IT/digital departments, coach agile transitions, build mathematical models, hack our customers’ offers, welcome intrapreneurs of large corporations at Pentalabbs, create startups with other blue chips… We do everything that helps our customer jump into the magic quadrant of best digital practices… so far from classical outsourcing stuff.Last but not least, we increase our commercial data treasure more and more. Our B to B digital marketing capabilities definitely tower over the best practices of the IT industry. The new thing here is that we now open it to the platform’s customers. SAAS players and software vendors can now benefit from the huge leveraging effects of our 300 000 IT decision makers WW! Those are not just email addresses in a DB. They are managed, scored, analyzed every day.A Conclusion?We are hands-on the 2 essential components which trigger the digital market: the supply of coders (we’re the only ones in Europe who know 100 000 coders by their skills) and probably the only ones to have constantly nurtured a worldwide source of business data and decision makers over the last 15 years.All the other offers that we already deliver will progressively be delivered on the new www.pentalog.com website which is becoming the service platform of our dreams.Thanks for being a supporter!

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