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Pentalog Becomes Major Shareholder of Soluti to Develop its Innovation Services in France (Lyon & Paris)

Frédéric Lasnier
Frédéric Lasnier
Chief Executive Officer, Pentalog

Pentalog, who previously owned 20% of the company’s shares since their operations first launched in 2013, just became a major shareholder of Soluti, in full agreement with management.

Soluti, with offices in Lyon and Paris, has accompanied major French banks and B2B service leaders such as Groupe UP, Société Générale, and Adecco Group in their digital transformations. The agency, which has registered a two-digit-growth for some time now, relies on its experts who have worked for major players such as Amazon and Canal+.

soluti - pentalog

More solutions on the Product Innovation, Product Design and UX Design segments.

More services provided by Pentalog

Using Pentalog’s performance in the US as an example, Pentalog France plans to take its innovation consulting, product design and digital services solutions to a new level.

The Agile service offer provided by Pentalog will thus, extend towards design thinking and be connected to an array of complementary service layers within the same sprint such as:

  1. UX/UI

  2. Development

  3. DevOps

  4. QA

  5. Ops

  6. Security

  7. Marketing automation

  8. Paid campaigns

  9. SEO

Through this collaboration, Pentalog will consolidate its position as a true partner in global strategy development, by offering a team of 1,000 developers, dozens of designers, marketing specialists, growth strategists, DevOps, and global Ops who are able to operate 24/7.

A natural collaboration to benefit us all

Soluti developers based in Lyon will now be able to develop MVPs and prototypes for Pentalog’s French, Swiss and German clients.

Thanks to this merger, Soluti, who has collaborated with Pentalog teams from the start, can strengthen their value proposition in terms of innovation, industrialization, and recruitment. Soluti will also be able to leverage the skillsets of the Pentalog Growth Factory teams (in New York and Paris) led by Jeff Mignon in New York City, the beating heart of design, and offer a global approach during the design stage and promotion of digital products.

“With regard to each other’s entrepreneurial path, I can only be happy to witness the friendship between the two companies evolved into a true familial relationship. Personally, I am glad to work in such trustworthy and long-lasting relationships.”

Of course, we want to thank our lawyers, Laurence Lapeyre and Dalila Mabrouki, who have guided us in our growth operations for a long time. Thank you to Soluti’s lawer, François Baulu, from the Ratheaux Offices in Lyon. They all managed to seal the deal swiftly while protecting each other’s best interests and keeping business running as usual.

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